FEAR PORN/ Lies In The Guise Of Humor

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       Political humor has likely been around since pre-history.  Some comedians like, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and late night talk shows and Saturday Night Live, have perfected using humor to report well-researched, legitimate news with humor.

       Unfortunately, unethical people have used this guise of 'Political Satire', protected by Constitutional right of free-speech - in order to spread lies and slander of public figures. These lies are generated by dozens of apparently well staffed and well-funded web sites, . These web sites say in small print that their stories are manufactured, but they are then circulated without the disclaimer to millions of vulnerable readers on the web.   They create fake legislation complete with convincing Photo-Shopped pictures and fake documents. They target specific groups like Christians, by making them fear that politicians are going to interfere with their right to worship freely.  They specialize on fear mongering against minority groups like Muslims, Gays, immigrants, and others, creating thousands of lies that people actually believe. Along with the panic, they make millions of people believe that they must oppose the victims of the lies, thus the unethical people have won votes with pure lies.  When these lairs pretend to be Christian, more people believe them because Christians don't lie.
      It has always amazed me that some people get a kick out of destroying other people's property, reputation, mental health, or computers, without regard for any of the carnage they create.  This behavior is often seen in troubled youth who just want to destroy property to see if they can get away with it. They are like angry toddlers who are trying to see how far they can go before their parents stop them.

       Toddlers and delinquents we can manage, but deliberate lies professionally manipulated by Political Satire sites is done on a global level and is designed to halt the wheels of legitimate government, destroy lives, create fear, and mock the gullibility of readers. And worse yet, there is no parent to stop it.

       These Lie Manufacturing sites use the protection of free speech to destroy freedom!
The public needs to step up to counter the carnage.  The creation and dissemination of lies violates everything Christian.  It is done to mock Christians.  It reminds me of the lies told 2000 years ago to stir up the crowd in Jerusalem so that the people would ask for a crucifixion.

What can we do as responsible citizens do to counter this? 

Read the entire PolitiFact article about this disturbing trend how web sites are used to create emotionally charged fabricated stories which are then passed on as fact to vulnerable people, creating fear, agony and crisis in readers.  Internet Satire


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