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Healing Connection Prayer CD

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The Healing Connection Prayer CD not only guides you to experience prayer with all of your senses, but it incorporates alternating downbeats which strengthen responses and help you link with God's physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

It is best to listen in a comfortable, quiet place using a headset so you will hear the sounds coming from the right and left side; this helps to process the sensations with your whole brain and all of your senses.

About half of those who use this meditation at night report that it puts them to sleep, even when medications are ineffective.

Listen to a sample track from the Healing Connection Prayer CD

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Listen to all or part of the Healing Connection Prayer so often as necessary to get the results you desire. Some people quickly learn to experience the energy of God's blessings all around, and easily incorporate it into their daily lives, but others need repetition.

Caution: Please do not listen to Healing Connection Prayer while driving a car. You cannot concentrate on driving while giving this the attention that it needs, and not doing so could be unsafe and unsatisfying.


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