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Mission Statement
The mission of Christians for Political Truth is to provide a voice for Christians who value truth in politics and want to expose untruths told by or about candidates and elected officials.  We want to provide a forum for Christians who may want to express views different from the more politically outspoken Christian leaders.  

Christians for Political Truth Statement of Beliefs
We believe in:

Jesus Christ: We believe in Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the Holy Bible.  In the spirit of Christ we welcome input and involvement from people of other faiths.

Honesty: The principal of honesty is necessary for any relationship, whether individual, family, or government.  Our democratic process will not thrive if we are deceived into voting for people who lie in order to get votes.  

Relative truth: Moral, ethical, and religious beliefs vary greatly from one culture, religion, and time to another, and are thus relative.  Beliefs may differ on key religious or political points within a family, group or within a religious organization.  We welcome diversity.  

Democracy: We advocate the importance of the democratic processes within religious, political, and other structures in which the will of the people is implemented, subject to the limits imposed by the constitution.

Separation of Church and State: The government should not only avoid establishing a State religion as the constitution guarantees, but should avoid promoting the agenda or beliefs of a particular religion, and it should uphold the right of individuals to express their faith publically.

Personal worth: We advocate the inherent worth of every person regardless of religious affiliation, race, sexual orientation, gender, body shape, handicap, income, or life circumstances. Every person is worthy of respect, support, and caring simply because they are human.

Ending discrimination: Jesus taught inclusion, compassion and respect for all. We must strive for a culture that is relatively free of all kinds of discrimination.

Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness:
We believe that this includes equal opportunity in the workplace, adequate health care, and educational opportunities.

Impact of Religion: Research has upheld that most religions have a generally positive influence on their followers and on society.

Good and Evil:
We acknowledge that both good and evil exists in every part of our society, even in our churches.


About Truth Meter Quotes: Christians for Political Truth does not make any determinations about truthfulness of quotes, but relies exclusively on non-partisan groups such as PolitiFact, Snopes, and others to make these assessments.  We provide links to quotes that are of particular interest to Christians.  Each of these truth-evaluating groups has thousands of evaluated quotes going back years, and you are encouraged to go to these sites and review other quotes and articles of interest to you.

About our Email Newsletters: If you subscribe to the newsletter we will send recent quotes and interesting links no more than once a week, unless there is an extremely sensational and timely event.  We encourage you to forward the newsletter to fellow Christians.  If you receive a political email that you believe is a lie, we encourage you to check it out with www.PolitiFact or www.Snopes and send the facts to every recipient of the email you received. We hope this will raise awareness and make more people check things out before passing along false information.     

About Articles and Blogs: Christians for Political Truth invites scholarly submissions from readers, as well as links to helpful articles already published on the web.  We do not endorse all the articles and comments, but believe that an open-minded conversation is important.  We do not support any particular political party. We do not intend to publish debates about validity of theological issues including hot topics such as abortion, evolution, and homosexuality. We do, however, invite articles and comments about how these issues are being used and manipulated for political gain and the appropriateness of legislating these issues. All articles will be reviewed by volunteers before being published.  Only articles and comments that are respectful, scholarly and adhere to our statement of beliefs will be published. We reserve the right to edit, such as language, grammar and spelling. We strive to review articles and respond by email or publishing on the web within a few days of submission.  Your patience is appreciated. Many people such as counselors, pastors, teachers, etc. believe that it is important to their profession to avoid public political involvement; therefore we welcome articles written using a pen name.      

About Donations: Christians for Political Truth was started with private funds and will depend on donations and advertisements to expand our efforts.  We are not yet a non-profit, but expect that we will be granted non-profit status. Donations will pay for administration and upkeep on the website.  We hope to generate funds to publish truthfulness ads on TV and other news media during the major elections. Names of donors will be not be published or released.  When we gain a non-profit status, we will adhere to legal requirements.  

About Volunteer Opportunities: If you would like to volunteer to help in this cause, please send us an email telling us about you and detailing what you would like to do. Please include how much time you would like to donate and specific hours if possible. We need people to read comments and either post them or edit out offensive or dysfunctional content.  When posts are not acceptable, we need to send emails to the person posting to explain what is needed.  We hope to find people who will help promote our site to the public and to advertisers.

About Our Choice of Posted Quotes: We seek to post current quotes about or by religious leaders or those who say they represent Christians.  We seek to be non-partisan. We look for topics that Christians are concerned about, such as freedom of religion, poverty, healthcare, discrimination, violence, gun control, etc.  We want to expose lies that attempt to use and deceive Christian readers or create religious prejudice.  Any lie which attempts to manipulate public opinion is considered.

Websites Who Share Interest In The Christian Issues in Politics:
www.Pfaw.org  People For The American Way
http://www.sierraclub.org/ Sierra Club
http://www.centerforvictims.org/ Center for Victims
http://www.thechristianleft.org/ The Christian Left

Launched  2014



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