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Lawrence Lessing, D
Larry Lessig: "Black Lives Matter" movement is a response to tyrannical "Taxation Through Citation" system
Political activist, Harvard law prof. and Democratic Presidential candidate said that America's "fundamental inequality" disempowers people, and "life is not respected, so you are actually risking your life to be a black person driving in certain areas."
John Henson Nba Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Bucks' John Henson was a victim of racial profiling at jewelry store.
Henson was humiliated when he went to Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers in Whitefish Bay, Wisc. to purchase a watch. The staff saw him coming, locked the doors and hid in the back. Police officers questioned him and ran his plates.  The only reason for the drama was his race.
Federal report calls for end to 'Conversion Therapy' for LGBT youth.
The Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration performed the first in-depth federal look at conversion therapy and concluded that "none of the existing research" supports that gender orientation can be changed.  Conversion Therapy has resulted in many suicides.
Bernie Sanders Vt Senate
Bernie Sanders won the debate, and perhaps the Election, when he defended Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton was defending herself against email allegations, when Bernie Sanders came to her rescue. He not only demonstrated the decency that is the hallmark of his campaign, but also proved that he's no ordinary politician who doesn't want to win the White House if it means losing his integrity. He's willing to protect even his political rival if it's in the name of justice.
Huffington Post
Insight: Why Jesus wants you to give up judging others and embrace a graceful mindset.
The act of judging the motives and actions of others is sticky. It's not like righteously throwing a rock at the one we deem guilty. Judging is more like putting your fist in pot of glue, then when you decide to throw it at your intended target, it sticks to you. Read more in Mick Mooney blog.
David H Koch
Report reveals nefarious history of the Koch brothers, who have bought an entire political party and many elections.
Rolling Stone's Tim Dickinson explores the literally toxic—business that earned the Kochs enough money to buy up an entire political party.  They include a wrongful death judgement, six felony and numerous misdemeanor convictions, the tens of millions of dollars in fines, and trading with Iran. The Koch brothers don't argue the facts in Dickinson's story, instead they attack the author.
Gun Violence
Australia has a generation that has grown up FREE from Mass Shootings.
The 1996 Port Arthur Massacre, was Australia's 9/11. A mentally challenged gunman killed 35 and injured 23 innocent people at a tourist attraction.  Australia took action and has never had another mass shooting.  An entire generation has grown up not fearing such things.
Steve Hawkings
Stephen Hawking: Machines won't be the problem in the future, wealth inequality will be.
During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview about Artificial Intelligence (AI) he said, "If machines produce everything we need....and machine-owners successfully lobby against wealth redistribution," as is now the trend, most people will end up miserably poor.
Mark Kelly, Responsible Solutions
Mark Kelly points out that "felons, people who are dangerously mentally ill have easy access to guns."
Astronaut Kelly founded Responsible Solutions with his wife, Gabby Giffords, after she was shot in a mass shooting in 2011.  He pointed out on CNN’s State of the Union on Oct. 4 that  for two decades there has been a senseless crippling ban on federal funding of gun violence research.

Joe Scarborough
About "3 percent of murders and crimes are committed with guns from people who actually (legally) purchase those guns."
Studies of prisoners who had a gun when committing a crime showed that 3% to 11% purchased the weapon at a store or gun show. But the studies only tell us where the guns came from, not whether they were acquired legally.
Dana Loesch
Loesch said that Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards was "forced to concede that 86 percent of Planned Parenthood’s revenue is from abortion."
Richards made no such admission, even though she was grilled for 5 hours and not allowed to answer questions before the September 29, 2015 U.S. House hearing on Planned Parenthood. The Conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch, served as a foil the claim that just 3 percent of it’s services are abortion-related.

Carly Fiorina
Fiorina said Planned Parenthood "is an organization that funnels millions of dollars in political contributions to pro-abortion candidates."
Planned Parenthood itself does not fund candidates, but affiliates who usually have "Planned Parenthood" in their name have legally spent "millions" to support women's health issues.
Voter Supression
Blatant Alabama voter suppression is challenged.
Alabama's only Democratic member of Congress is requesting the Justice Department investigate the state's decision to close 31 driver's license offices in poor, rural, mostly-African American communities.  Since they started requiring a drivers license to vote the move could curtail the voting rights. (Note: Gerrymandering and voter suppression is UN-Christian!)
Ben Carson Gop Candidate
Birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger "believed that people like me should be eliminated."
While Sanger indeed supported the eugenics movement, substantial evidence shows that she was not racist and in fact worked closely with black leaders and health care professionals.
Pope Francis
The Vatican said that Pope Francis' meeting with Kim Davis "should not be considered a form of support of her position."
Francis met with "several dozen" people at the Vatican's embassy and such meetings are due to the pope's "kindness and availability."  Many believe that Kim Davis was a trap for the Pope, who had no prior knowledge of the controversy.  This is a reported script of the contact where she repeatedly talked over the Pope.
Scott Walker
Obamacare doesn’t require members of Congress "to abide by the same rules that all of the other Americans do."
Health care reforms established a marketplace for small businesses to sponsor health care coverage for their employees. Members of Congress get healthcare with government like other large companies, but their staff can use the exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act just like their constituents would.
Global Warming
Soon to be released movie, "This Changes Everything," explores the battle between Capitalism and the climate.
The documentary, based on Naomi Klein’s international non-fiction bestseller, was filmed in nine countries and five continents over four years. It is an epic attempt to re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change.  What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?
Tom Cole, R-Okla
"There’s no money" for Planned Parenthood in the bill that would keep the government open.
Cole is correct that the short-term funding bill that Congress is slated to pass does not itself fund Planned Parenthood -- largely because this bill addresses discretionary spending, while the vast majority of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding comes from mandatory spending through the Medicaid program.
Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah
Chaffetz says in 2006, Planned Parenthood performed more prevention services and cancer screenings than abortions, but in 2013, there were more abortions.
The statement is inaccurate. In fact, there were three times as many cancer screenings and prevention services as abortions in 2013.
Donald Trump
Among Syrian refugees, "there aren't that many women, there aren't that many children."
Trump's assessment of the refugee situation is badly mangled and is conflating two different sets of refugees: Those 534,000 reaching Europe by sea, who are mostly men, and the 4 million Syrians in U.N. refugee camps, most of whom are women and children.
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