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Article: What You Can Do To Help Throw Out Washington Money Changers

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A Challenge to Christians Who Believe That The Message Of Jesus Is About  Grace, Love, Integrity, and Peace for ALL.
Charles Koch
Says he has engaged in the political process "only in the past decade."
Charles Koch personally gave more than $50,000 to candidates and political committees donations prior to 2004. And collectively, his brother and the PAC of the company they own directly supported candidates and political committees to the tune of $7 million over the same period.  He has also spent mega-dollars on "educational" and lobbying efforts.
Charles Koch
Are ads from Koch brothers-supported group accurate?
Americans for Prosperity, the political organization founded by the Koch brothers, has never received higher than a Half True on any of the 13 ads reviewed by the PolitiFact national team. Four were false; five were mostly false; and two were rated pants-on-fire.  That averages to a composite score of between false and mostly false.
Dick Morris Fox News
A North Carolina study proves that "probably over a million people voted twice in (the 2012) election."
The head of North Carolina’s board of elections said more investigation is needed to see if people voted in two states.  In other states all but a few questionable voters were found to be due to database quirks, human error and the statistics of large numbers.
Neera Tanden Center For American Progress
"95 percent of the income gains in the last few years have gone to the top 1 percent."
Tanden was commenting on the Supreme Court’s 6-2 decision allowing states to effectively ban affirmative action. She accurately reflected the findings of a much publicized report, however some other studies show slight differences.


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