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Article: The Political Face of Christianity

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As Christians, are we showing a public image of love and grace? Or do non-believers see us as judgmental, critical and selfish? Read More...
Barack Obama
Consumer Reports uncovers the real cost of ObamaCare
Thousands of people have received notices that their insurance policies are being terminated because they do not meet the minimum standards.  These are typically junk policies that are not really insurance at all.
Pope Francis
Pope Francis attacks 'Idolatry Of Money', slams Capitalism, tell the rich to pay their share.
In an 84-page document which is essentially the official platform for his papacy, Pope Francis beseeches politicians to guarantee all citizens "dignified work, education and healthcare". He condemns an economy of exclusion and inequality. Read about his first year.
Bill Gates
2014 Annual Letter: People around the world are living longer, healthier lives.The world can solve extreme poverty and disease.
After years of hands-on philanthropy, Gates exposes 3 myths: 1)  Poor countries are doomed to stay poor; 2) Foreign aid is a big waste; 2) Saving lives leads to overpopulation. See interview on Charlie Rose
"Over 73% of all donations raised (from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) are going to fundraising, overhead, executive salaries, and external donations."
In reality, nearly 79 percent of the ALS Association’s expenditures were for purposes that advance its stated mission. Fundraising, overhead and executive salaries account for no more than 21 percent.
Bill Gates
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has helped hundreds of millions of people around the world, has published its Annual Newsletter.
They predict that "the lives of people in poor countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history. And their lives will improve more than anyone else's." They will have "unprecedented opportunities to get an education, eat nutritious food, and benefit from mobile banking", driven by innovation in technology. Goals include making drinking water from sewage, wiping out malaria, polio, HIV, and more.
George W Bush
George W. Bush charged $100k for speech fundraiser for the wounded vets that he sent into harms way.
The 2012 Helping a Hero Gala "raised unprecedented funds", but veterans who lost limbs are incensed that he charged $100,000 plus $20,00 for private jet. Bush's typical speaking fee
is $250,000.  These extravagant fees are common for all former presidents.
John Oliver
John Oliver calls out Televangelists who exploit Religion to make millions
Last Week Tonight's John Oliver on Sunday set his sights on the people who use religion to make millions and millions of dollars. Oliver walked through how televangelists take money from vulnerable and often sick people, and benefit from vague tax policy, which grants them tax-exempt status even for million-dollar mansions. He then made a big reveal: He set up his own church to test the limits of the law.
Holy Bible
Study shows that frequent Bible reading is tied to desire for social justice and openness to science.
A study by Baylor University researcher Aaron Franzen found frequent Bible reading predicted greater support for issues ranging from the compatibility of science and religion, important of seeking social and economic justice, to more humane treatment of criminals.

Susie Meister, Religious Scholar
Religion scholar tells how studying religion made her a Liberal.
Susie Meister who has a PhD in Religious Studies and campaigned for George W. Bush tells about a shift in her understanding of Scripture after she examined it for herself. Non-judgmental Jesus, who defended a prostitute and ate with the poor didn't look anything like the politics of the Right.
Donald Trump
Trump brags about generous donations, but apparently fails to follow through.
The Washington Post found that of the 167 charities to which Trump had pledged money since 2008, only one donation was actually on the books -- for less than $10,000.
In May 2016, under pressure from the news media, Trump made good on a pledge he made to veterans, four months earlier:  For 15 years Trump has publicly pledged to donate through his various enterprises: “The Apprentice.” Trump Vodka. Trump University. Etc.If he had honored all those pledges, his gifts to charity would have topped $8.5 million. He set up a foundation to funnel donations, but hasn't donated to it since 2009.


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