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Can Corporations Believe in God? Religious Exemptions to Preventive Care Provisions of the Affordable Care Act.
"For-profit, secular corporations cannot engage in religious exercise." says Circuit court. "A corporation is an artificial being, invisible, intangible and existing only in contemplation of law." Allowing a corporation to impose their religious beliefs is unreasonable and unprecedented extension of corporate personhood.
Bernie Sanders Vt Senate
Bernie Sanders says tax share paid by corporations has fallen from 33% to 9% since 1952
True, however tax rates and rules have changed. Most business income is now taxed through the individual income tax code, rather than the corporate code. Between 1980 and 2010, business income income has increased fivefold, from $320 billion to more than $1.6 trillion.
Shelley Moore Capito WV GOP
Claims Impending EPA regulations will stop plants from burning coal.
The EPA plan to cut carbon emissions  gives states and power companies options to continue to utilize coal for energy, and experts said they expect coal to remain part of the national portfolio for years to come.
Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett thinks it's a problem that some of the wealthiest Americans pay lower tax rates than their housekeepers.
Currently income earned from stock dividends and capital gains is taxed at rates far lower than ordinary income from work.  This increases income inequality and penalizes the middle and working class. Even with lucrative loopholes corporations are fleeing overseas to pay even less.
Barack Obama
Obama slams Staples, big companies on Health Care: 'Shame on them'
"There is no reason for an employer who is not currently providing health care to their workers to discourage them from either getting health insurance on the job or being able to avail themselves of the Affordable Care Act," Obama said in the interview Tuesday.
David Hamilton Koch
The Republican race has devolved into a battle among headstrong billionaires, each with a pet candidate.
Campaigns are still discovering how they can exploit the freedom from regulation that the Supreme Court has granted since its Citizens United decision in 2010. NY Times suggests that Instead of debates among the candidates, let's go straight to the top — and ask for debates among their billionaire donors instead.
Anti-smoking Efforts
As nicotine use has decreased in rich countries, Tobacco companies are fighting to force developing countries to make up for losses in their revenue.
All over the world countries are trying to stop nicotine addiction, but tobacco companies are delaying or blocking implementation of anti-smoking laws in poorer countries by tying them up in litigation, saying that their tobacco laws violate an expanding web of trade and investment treaties.
Carly Fiorina
Fiorina said Planned Parenthood "is an organization that funnels millions of dollars in political contributions to pro-abortion candidates."
Planned Parenthood itself does not fund candidates, but affiliates who usually have "Planned Parenthood" in their name have legally spent "millions" to support women's health issues.
David H Koch
Report reveals nefarious history of the Koch brothers, who have bought an entire political party and many elections.
Rolling Stone's Tim Dickinson explores the literally toxic—business that earned the Kochs enough money to buy up an entire political party.  They include a wrongful death judgement, six felony and numerous misdemeanor convictions, the tens of millions of dollars in fines, and trading with Iran. The Koch brothers don't argue the facts in Dickinson's story, instead they attack the author.


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