Topic: Criminal Justice

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla
The death penalty "is a deterrent that does affect and impact people."
Existing research doesn’t clearly show support for or against the death penalty as a deterrent, so Coburn can't prove his viewpoint is correct. (In England, when the sentence for picking someone’s pocket could be death by hanging, pickpockets were known to work the crowds at public executions.)  However, executions, along with prison sentences and other punishments for crime, do generally deter criminals.
Windy Davis Tx Demo Gov Candatate
Wendy Davis said Greg Abbott took a hefty campaign donation before siding with a hospital against patients injured and killed by a drug-taking surgeon.
The donation and court appearance are verified, however Abbott’s intervention was limited to defending the constitutionality of a Texas law that essentially gives immunity to hospitals for credentialing dangerous physicians..

Rudy Giuliani, NY R
"The conviction rate is almost exactly the same" for whites and blacks who commit murder.
There was no statistical evidence to support Giuliani’s claim,and even if there was statistical evidence it would have been cherry-picking data.
Barack Obama
Obama: 'We're spending millions for each individual' held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
The Pentagon has reported that Guantanamo’s cost comes down to about $3 million per detainee per year -- about 100 times the average annual cost of a federal prisoner
Rudy Giuliani Ny R
Giuliani: Says President Barack Obama has said "that everybody should hate the police."
The truth is Obama has continuously encouraged working with police to find solutions and has also repeatedly emphasized the importance of law enforcement and the fact that police officers have a dangerous job.
Legal Issues
A Ferguson grand juror sues, accuses prosecutor, Bob McCulloch of mischaracterizing what happened in the jury room, and wants the right to speak out.
The American Civil Liberties Union has filed the suit for an unnamed juror to lift a lifetime gag order regarding the case. A juror disagrees with what has been revealed by McCulloch and feels the jury was ill informed. Legislators have asked for a review to see if McCulloch "manipulated" the grand jury. 
John Legend
"We live in the most incarcerated country in the world."
The United States far and away incarcerates more people than its peers, in terms of the portion of its population behind bars, despite having a comparable amount of crime.
Stop Discrimination
Department Of Justice investigation finds Ferguson police routinely discriminate.
The city relies heavily on ticketing practices to generate revenue for the city. Between 2011 and 2013, African-Americans made up 95 percent of those charged with improper “manner of walking in roadway,” 94 percent of those charged with “failure to comply,” and 92 percent of those charged with disturbance of the peace. Blacks account for just 67 percent of the city's population.
Dr Ben Carson R
"A lot of people who go into prison straight, and when they come out they’re gay."
There is no research that supports this point. The one study that even begins to address the topic has too small a sample size -- and too many variables -- to shed light on Carson's claim.  Additionally, experts told us the sex culture in prison is not comparable to sex culture outside of prison, making it a bad analogy.
Rudy Giuliani Ny R
Giuliani says, Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Should Be 'Commended' For Shooting Michael Brown.
Giuliani attacks the Justice Department's scathing report of racial bias within the Ferguson Police Department, claiming that there was little evidence to prove racism within the department. On the contrary, most people can see plenty of evidence in the report.
Glenn Beck
"A few weeks ago Obama took Hamas and Iran OFF the terror list."
Beck made a few clear mistakes here. First, it appears he mistook Hamas for Hezbollah. Second, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah remain on the official, and legally binding, State Department terror lists, as they have for decades.
Bob Menendez, D NJ
The Bob Menendez corruption case shows flaw in Citizens United Ruling.
The 2010 Citizens United ruling said,"independent expenditures, including those made by corporations, do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption.” Those making independent expenditures “may have influence over or access to elected officials,” but that “does not mean those officials are corrupt.”  Yet this lawsuit against a powerful Democrat shows that corruption is alive and well.
Service members to receive over $123 million for unlawful non-judicial foreclosures by big banks.
JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, GMAC and Bank of America violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) with hundreds of non-judicial foreclosures on soldiers' homes while they were serving our country. Feb 2015.

Bernie Sanders Vt Senate
Sanders says "A black male baby born today, if we do not change the system, stands a one-in-three chance (of) ending up in jail."
This calculation, according to PolitiFact, is 14 years old, and changes in the underlying data suggest that the actual odds of incarceration may be somewhat smaller today. Still, other evidence suggests that blacks have a disproportionate likelihood of ending up in prison.
Gavin Mcinnes
Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Media, says "50 percent of murders in Texas have been linked to illegal aliens."
There were 3,384 homicides in Texas for the three years between 2011 and 2013, compared to an estimated 584 murder charges involving undocumented immigrants over a period stretching nearly four years.That’s nowhere near half, despite counting an additional year of murder charges involving undocumented immigrants.
Donald Trump
"Hundreds of thousands of (illegal immigrants are) going to state and federal penitentiaries."
PolitiFact found that in 2013, there were fewer than 100,000 noncitizens -- legal and undocumented -- in federal and state prisons. Though it’s also possible that many of these individuals are held for immigration violations as opposed to other crimes.
Former Chicago Investigator Lorenzo Davis
Chicago fired an investigator trying to hold cops accountable for unjustified shootings.
Lorenzo Davis, a fired IRPA investigator, reveals that the independent agency tasked with policing Chicago cops hasn’t released findings on several unjustified police shootings because its leaders are more concerned with protecting officers than investigating citizen complaints.
Black Lives Matter
The practical, thoughtful and urgent policy agenda put forward by Campaign Zero to support Black Lives Matter.
1. End Broken-Windows Policing; 2. End Policing for Profit; 3 .Limit Use of Force; 4. Demilitarization; 5. Body Cams/Film the Police; 6. Improved Training; 7. Community Oversight; 8. Community representation; 9. Fair Police Contracts; 10. Independent Investigations and Prosecutions.
Jeb Bush Fl
"The federal government right now does not deport criminals."
Bush points to reports that many criminal illegal immigrants have been released, and there is evidence that it sometimes happens. But it is an exaggeration to say that none are deported. Last year, ICE deported about 86,000 illegal immigrants convicted of previous crimes.
Prison Reform
Juvenile prisoners in Michigan allege rape and abuse, with authorities turning a blind eye and ignoring the screams.
Eleven unnamed teens are suing Gov. Rick Snyder, the Michigan Department of Corrections and 15 wardens from facilities around the state for failing to protect an at-risk segment of the prison population and demonstrating "deliberate indifference to their safety.
Eric Bolling
Fox News’ The Five, Eric Bolling says "In countries where there are higher, more strict gun laws, there is more gun violence."
The data found by PolitiFact shows that among countries more like America economically, nations with stricter regulation have much lower rates of gun-related homicides.
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin used the Iran Deal rally as an opportunity to refer to #BlackLivesMatter activists as “the dogs.”
The Black Lives Matter movement has been protesting police brutality and calling for criminal justice reform. Remarks like Palin's are exactly what creates the rage in the first place. Her bigotry  dehumanizes people across the country  and gives Christians a black eye.
Nancy Pelosi House Minority Leader
Pelosi wants Congress to establish a Select Committee on Gun Violence in the wake of the Oregon college shooting that left 10 dead on Thursday.
The House Minority Leader said, "There's already a Select Committee on Benghazi, and there will likely be one to investigate Planned Parenthood." She now wants to create a committee to investigate the "crisis" of mass shootings. In 2015 alone, there have been 45 mass shootings at schools.

Joe Scarborough
About "3 percent of murders and crimes are committed with guns from people who actually (legally) purchase those guns."
Studies of prisoners who had a gun when committing a crime showed that 3% to 11% purchased the weapon at a store or gun show. But the studies only tell us where the guns came from, not whether they were acquired legally.
Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz : "Here’s the simple and undeniable fact: The overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats."
Cruz misquoted a study of voting registration of all felons (not just violent felons) after being released from prison in three states. It does not address their political choice when committing the crime.  Less than half registered to vote after release, and most of those were Democrats.
Donald Trump
June Trump Truthfulness average is "Mostly False."
As of June 10, 2016, PolitiFact has reviewed 154 statements by Donald Trump. Twelve (12) were true or mostly true. Forty nine (49) were 1/2 True of Mostly-False.  And Ninety three (93) were False or Pants-on-Fire. Below are just a few:


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