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Article: The Political Face of Christianity

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As Christians, are we showing a public image of love and grace? Or do non-believers see us as judgmental, critical and selfish? Read More...

Article: How Does PolitiFact Research and Determine Truth-O-Meter Rulings?

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PolitiFact has published more than 7,000 Truth-O-Meter fact-checks since they launched six years ago. Read about the extensive research and criteria used in determinations. Read full article

Article: Pope Francis is too liberal for Conservatives

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Jon Steward challenged Fox news to a lie-off, pitting their lies against his.

Article: What You Can Do To Help Throw Out Washington Money Changers

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A Challenge to Christians Who Believe That The Message Of Jesus Is About  Grace, Love, Integrity, and Peace for ALL.
Check out over 250 Pants-On-Fire statements evaluated by non-partisan
Look at a review of the most amazing political lies told.  Check out who lies the most.
Sherrod Brown Ohio Sen
Members of the House of Representatives get hundreds of thousands of dollars in farm subsidies yet want to cut food stamps.
15 members of Congress got farm subsidies in 2012, including Rep. Steve Fincher of Tennessee, who has collected nearly $3.5 million in subsidies since 1999; Rep. Doug LaMalfa of California and his wife own one third of DSL LaMalfa Family Partnership, which in 2012 alone got $188,570; Rep. Marlin Stutzman of Indiana has received $196,268 in farm subsidies since 1997.
Ted Cruz Tx
Over 2/3 of Ted Cruz reviewed statements are rated false, mostly false, or pants on fire.
Conservative Sen.Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has led the effort to defund or delay Obamacare..Out of 25 statements reviewed by PolitiFact, only 8 were true, mostly true, or half true.  Lying is not a Christian value.
Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz says Democrats will shut down Catholic church charities and hospitals if the church doesn’t change its beliefs.
PolitiFact found no sign of such a statement -- or anything close..Cruz says Democrats are "fighting a war on religious liberty," but there is no basis for this wild, outrageous claim.  Christians should uphold the truth.
Chain Email
Says President Barack Obama has issued upwards of 1,000 executive orders, more than any modern president.
As of Jan. 20, 2014, he had issued only 168.  FDR signed off on more than 3,500 executive orders, and, in fact, Obama is on pace to issue fewer executive orders than any two-term president since 1900.  This same email promotes other wild, outrageous lies.
Ted Cruz Rep TX
Says President Barack Obama "is the first president we've ever had who thinks he can choose which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore."
PolitiFact found that at least seven presidents -- including some of the nation’s most admired occupants of the White House (Bush, Nixon, Reagan, Truman, A. Johnson, Lincoln) acted, at least on occasion, in ways that ignored specific laws or constitutional protections. (read details)
Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz claims the single biggest lie in politics is that Republicans are the party of the rich. But is it really the truth?
The data show wealthy Americans are not universally Republican, though they tend to lean and vote that way. Cruz never really explains why he believes this is the “biggest lie.” Instead, he attacks President Obama for presiding over an increase in income inequality and says that the president’s policies, such as the health-care law, have negatively affected “young people, Hispanics, African Americans, single moms.
Mitt Romney
No single “major country has greater respect and admiration for America today than it did five years ago when Barack Obama became president.”
Although America’s stature worldwide slipped last year, its favorability was still much higher than during the last year of the George W. Bush administration, including in major countries such as France, Germany and Japan, according to the latest polls from the Pew Research Center.
Organizing For Action
A Koch brothers group is "going to college campuses, giving away free booze to try to bribe young folks out of getting health insurance."
Generation Opportunity, a Koch brothers-backed group, didn’t bribe students, but they did offer alcohol to young people at Opt-Out events near college campuses, to encourage young people to consider buying health insurance other than the Affordable Care Act.
Charles Koch
Are ads from Koch brothers-supported group accurate?
Americans for Prosperity, the political organization founded by the Koch brothers, has never received higher than a Half True on any of the 13 ads reviewed by the PolitiFact national team. Four were false; five were mostly false; and two were rated pants-on-fire.  That averages to a composite score of between false and mostly false.
Freedom Partners
Freedom Partners, a Koch brothers group, placed ads accusing Rep. Bruce Braley of giving 'special favors' to insurers by voting for Obamacare
It’s ridiculous to suggest that donors who contributed less than 1 percent of his warchest weighed more heavily on his vote than his ideology, his past campaign promises and his partisan affiliation. 
Fact-checking Benghazi: The rhetoric hasn't matched up with reality
PolitiFact checked eleven popular quotes regarding the oft-investigated Benghazi tragedy.  Two were rated Pants-on-fire; three were False; five were mostly false, one was half-true; and none were true or partly true.  Millions of dollars are spent to support unfounded claims for political gain.
David Dewhurst
Wendy Davis "was just doing a fund-raiser in Chicago with the international socialists organization."
Davis appeared at a fund-raiser for a Democratic U.S. House member who may have participated in DSA chapter meetings in the 1980s. There’s no sign Schakowsky is a current DSA member, nor is there evidence Davis raised money for a socialist group. Greg Abbott, TX gubernatorial candidate also made this fabricated claim.
Actor Wayne Rogers
Former MASH star says, "There are over 200 documented cases where (Obama) has lied."
Rogers did not provide any proof, but it appears he got his information from an online list of 252 perceived transgressions by Obama that include accusations of lying, broken promises, ethical lapses and objectionable policies. PolitiFact determined that the article offered 13 instances of what the author saw and another 13 instances of Obama breaking promises.
Rand Paul
"For every Kentuckian that has enrolled in Obamacare, 40 have been dropped from their coverage."
First, Paul cherry picked data from outdated estimates/ not facts. His figures are not mathematically possible. Using the narrowest definition of "sign-ups," there would have to be 3.3 million cancellations in the state for his figures to be true. In fact, it’s reasonable to argue that more people in Kentucky have coverage through Obamacare than have been canceled.
Democratic Party
Virginia Democratic Party says Virginia House Republicans are sacrificing $5 million a day in U.S. funds by refusing to expand Medicaid.
As many as 400,000 Virginians could become eligible for Medicaid under Obamacare, and the U.S. would pay their entire health care costs through 2016.   But the $5 million-a-day figure comes from an old state estimate. Updated data shows loss of $3.5 million a day for the 2014 budget year, and about $4.5 million a day during the following budget year.
Madison Action Fund
Conservative group says Idaho Republican Rep. Mike Simpson is a "liberal" who voted with Nancy Pelosi to "fund sex study programs of San Francisco prostitutes" and "to regulate the sale of firearms."
The research was to find ways to control spread of HIV. The ad misleads by cherry pickking a handful of out-of-date votes to create the impression that Simpson and Pelosi are in ideological lockstep. Suggesting any substantial alliance between Simpson and Pelosi is ridiculous.
Tom Cotton Ak Gop House
Republicans attempt to sabotage U.S. foreign policy and stampede America into another war in the Middle East.
A group of 47 Republican senators have written an open letter to Iran's leaders warning them that any nuclear deal they sign with President Barack Obama's administration won't last after Obama leaves office.  This grossly immature and unethical manipulation of National policy to undermine national security is unthinkable. If Iran does not sigh the agreement we are left with two horrible options; a nuclear Iran or war.
Hillary Clinton
Democrats wage a national fight over gerrymandering and restrictive voting rules.
Democrats allied with Hillary Rodham Clinton are mounting a nationwide legal battle seeking to single out voting laws in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin that limit participation, especially among minorities, the poor and younger voters, who disproportionately cast their ballots for Democrats.
Lindsey Graham R Sc
Republican presidential candidate unloads on Fox News during Fox News interview.
Presidential candidate and Sen. Lindsey Graham is furious about Fox News' rules for the first GOP primary debate. Graham said Fox's poll-driven process is "destroying" the opportunity for all of the scrappy, underfunded candidates to win over voters in the small, early primary states. 
Ben Carson Gop Candidate
In the GOP debate Carson denied a ten year relationship with company who paid $7Million for deceptive claims.
Mannatech paid $7 million to settle a deceptive marketing lawsuit in Texas based on their claims that their products could cure autism, cancer, etc. the problem is not that Carson boldly endorsed the company, since he sincerely believed it it.  The problem is that he boldly lied about his involvement without blinking. Full Video of Ben Carson endorsing Mannatech.

Donald Trump
June Trump Truthfulness average is "Mostly False."
As of June 10, 2016, PolitiFact has reviewed 154 statements by Donald Trump. Twelve (12) were true or mostly true. Forty nine (49) were 1/2 True of Mostly-False.  And Ninety three (93) were False or Pants-on-Fire. Below are just a few:
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is innocent of any wrongdoing in Benghazi.
After spending more than two years and $7 million, the House Select Committee on Benghazi released a report Tuesday that found — like eight investigations before it — no evidence of wrongdoing by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or other members of the Obama administration.


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