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Barack Obama
"By the time she turns 3 years old, a child born into a low-income home hears 30 million fewer words than a child from a well-off family."
Comment based on research by child psychologists Betty Hart and Todd Risley. The word gap, along with other issues, leaves preschool educators to fix existing educational shortfalls.
Paul Ryan
"One out of every four students fails to earn a high school diploma. In our major cities across America, half of our kids don’t graduate."
His figures apply only to those who attend public school, and do not include those who took longer than 4 years to graduate or who earned a GED, but they are accurate.
Religious trends in America
According to a 2013 study by the Public Religion Research Institute and the Brookings Institute, 23 percent of 18- to 33-year-olds are religious progressives, 17 percent are religious conservatives, and 22 percent are non-religious. (page 34 of comprehensive report)
Hermant Mehta
Hemant Mehta, a Chicago teacher says, "In Oregon, students are skipping math class to learn about the Bible."
An Oregon law passed in 1965 does let children out of school for from two to five hours of weekly religious instruction.  PolitiFact found that at least some of the students who miss classes for religious study are missing math class, with their parents’ permission.
Rep Charles Van Zant R FL
A company hired to do Common Core testing in Florida will "attract every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can."
The testing firm, AIR, provides information upon request to entities who seek to assist LGBT students. No current contract exists with the state of Florida or any Florida districts. This statement shows total ignorance of all facts about LGBT. It is Impossible to recruit a person to become gay.  Wild ignorance is not serving anyone.
"Obama Signs Bill Forgiving All Student Loan Debt."
Obama has taken executive action and called for passage of a student-loan refinancing bill now pending in the Senate,but there is no reason to think anyone is considering forgiving all student debts.  This is just a lie to defame Obama and scare people.
Barack Obama
"In 31 states, decent child care costs more than college tuition."
The information comes from a 2013 report by Child Care Aware of America, but the cost was for infants. Child care for a 4 year old costs more than in-state college tuition and fees in 19 states.
Sen Joe Leibham Wi
Republican Senator says Common Core is a federal mandate and should be repealed.
Common Core, a set of academic standards for math and English developed by education and non-profit groups, are designed to better prepare students from all states for college and careers. They are not mandatory but states who adopt them may be able qualify for state education funding.
Charles Angeletti
Professor makes students recite 'Anti-American' pledge of allegiance
Angeletti's strong political statement against Christian and University values by having students pledge allegiance to a racist, homophobic, sexist America that is in the name of Jesus, that hates Communists and women who want to get abortions.
Texas Rights To Life
Texas Right to Life says UT students signed petition to abort babies and,children up to age 5.
This email implies that UT students were hustling up support for legalizing infanticide and child killings. In reality, a visitor briefly collected signatures one day, almost like attempting a trick.
Mark Warner D-VA
Regarding sexual assault against women, "It’s actually safer not to be in college than it is to be in college."
Warner says women students on college campuses are more likely to be sexually assaulted than their peers who don’t seek a higher education. The researchers acknowledged shortcomings with their methodology and said their conclusions were "suggestive."
George P. Bush
A "majority of our students are trapped in" underperforming schools.
Bush relied on another official’s speculation about how well schools might meet disputed federal standards that don’t apply to Texas this year anyway.
Borui Wang
Successful immigrant entrepreneurs and innovators testify to congress calling for action on high-skilled immigration reform.
Borui Wang, founder of, says his company is creating American jobs, and it is not in anyone's interest to make him constantly wait for a lottery that might deport him. Watch and share this video to learn more.
Michelle Obama
First Lady says that it was her faith in God's plan for her that saved her from the pain of all the racial slurs and life struggles.
Michelle Obama's inspiring 2015 Commencement address to Tuskegee Graduates, reveals the personal struggles that she has faced, and how she learned to not let them define her, change who she is, or hold her back. Full Speech
Hillary Clinton
American schools are "more segregated than they were in the 1960s."
The United States has taken two steps forward and one step back, but hasn’t quite reverted to pre-Civil Rights levels of segregation. Hillary has a strong point that the country has fallen back from the high levels of diversity that existed from the 1970s to the early 1990s.
Presidential Seal
How educated are the 2016 presidential candidates?
2016 presidential candidates range from one with only a high school diploma (Scott Walker), to a Rhodes Scholar who attended an Ivy League university and Oxford (Jendel). The following had bachelor degrees: Huckabee, Kasich, Perry, Sanders, Bush, Trump, and Chaffee. Seven have law degrees.  Four have medical degrees.  The most education from the highest ranking colleges were #1 Jendel, #2 Cruz, #3 Carson, and #4 Clinton.
Income Inequity
Income inequality is a religious test. We must reclaim the Heart of our Humanity.
Jim Wallis, who spoke to the Parliament of the World's Religions said, if you believe that every human being regardless of religion or nationality, is made in the image of God, is a child of God, and if you believe in loving your neighbor then income inequality is a spiritual issue, a moral issue, and a religious test of our belief.  We can address inequality through human dignity, stewardship, and the common good.
Donald Trump
Trump says, "We’re spending tremendous amounts of money to educate our kids. In the world, we're No. 1 per pupil by a factor of four."
There is good evidence to support his overall idea, that the United States gets less bang for its education buck than other developed countries. But Trump overstated U.S. spending by 500 percent. We’re not No. 1 in spending, by several different ways of measuring.


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