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Article: Another Mass Shooting

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President Obama's full address after Oregon shooting.
Barack Obama
How many of Obama's campaign promises has he kept?
PolitiFact has compiled more than 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns and is tracking their progress on our Obameter45 percent were kept and 25 percent were compromised.  Check it out.

Conservative Website
Conservative website says Barack Obama signed law to require health professionals to share private data that would lead to gun confiscation
Rules to determine if someone is mentally incompetent and a risk for gun violence are enforced differently in various jurisdictions. This is not law, it isn’t enacted and it isn’t unconstitutional according to Supreme Court jurisprudence.
Moms Demand Action
ANYONE can broker a gun deal on Facebook and walk away with a weapon.
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has launched a campaign aimed at persuading Facebook to prohibit online gun "marketplaces.Now ANYONE can broker a deal on a gun online, meet the seller in a parking lot somewhere, and walk away with a weapon.

Linda Finn D House Ri
"By a two-to-one margin, Rhode Islanders want to ban assault weapons and less than 13 percent of RI citizens are gun owners.
Her data comes from a recent robocall poll that has not been confirmed by any other Rhode Island polls. Her gun ownership claim is from very outdated studies, but we have not been able to find any more recent data to suggest the number has changed.
Larry Pratt-fox News
A gun "background check is futile. Something like 42 (people during the) last year … were prosecuted for trying to buy a gun with a criminal record out of 11 million."
In 2010 153,000 applications to purchase a firearm or obtain a permit were blocked. Thousands of individuals continue to be denied a firearm because of background checks by authorities and gun sellers.  Few are convicted.
Madison Action Fund
Conservative group says Idaho Republican Rep. Mike Simpson is a "liberal" who voted with Nancy Pelosi to "fund sex study programs of San Francisco prostitutes" and "to regulate the sale of firearms."
The research was to find ways to control spread of HIV. The ad misleads by cherry pickking a handful of out-of-date votes to create the impression that Simpson and Pelosi are in ideological lockstep. Suggesting any substantial alliance between Simpson and Pelosi is ridiculous.
Gun Violence
Not Your Grandparents’ NRA
the NRA that was created after the Civil War to promote hunting, marksmanship, and safety training was radicalized in 1977 by its leader, Harlon Carter, who rejected calls for background checks, saying that allowing “convicted violent felons, mentally deranged people, violently addicted to narcotics people to have guns” was simply the “price we pay for freedom.”
Jim Rubens NH
Says when armed civilians stop mass shootings with guns, an average of 2.5 people die; otherwise, an average of 18 people die.
Both numbers are highly inaccurate. Civilians stop about one out of every six active shooter events, but their actions rarely involved the use of firearms. The median number of people killed or wounded in all active shooter situations was five. 

Progressive Christians
Progressive Christianity seeing stunning resurgence with groups like Nuns on a Bus, Sojourners, Red Letter Christians, The Cana Initiative, Moral Mondays, Faithful America, etc.
With each generation, the popularity of religious conservatism has declined. 47 percent of the Silent Generation (ages 66 to 88) are religious conservatives, compared with 34 percent of Baby Boomers, 23 percent of Gen Xers and 17 percent of Millennials.
Joe Miller Alaska Gop
"If 20 million illegals vote, you can kiss the Second Amendment goodbye."
Scholar agree that it’s ridiculous to think that the Second Amendment could be removed from the Constitution under any circumstances -- let alone because of immigrants. However, it is possible that adding 20 million new voters who lean Democrat could result in stricter gun control laws.
Tucker Carlson, Fox News
"Far more children died last year drowning in their bathtubs than were killed accidentally by guns."
For children 5 years old and up, government data show that guns are three times more deadly than bathtubs.  For children under 17, the difference is smaller, but still more die from gunfire.
Doonesbury said 3,000 Americans "died of gunfire" between the time of the Ebola scare in Dallas and the midterm elections.
The number of deaths by firearm averages over 3,000 per year.  We don't have the stats in yet for 2014, but the trend should hold.  Two thirds of these are suicides, an often ignored stat in the gun rights debate.
Florida Students for Concealed Carry
"According to the state of Florida, you are almost twice as likely to be attacked by an alligator than by someone who happens to carry a conceal-and-carry permit."
Politifact doesn't have data on attacks committed by people with conceal-and-carry permits. The gun data is based on an approximation using permit revocations that may or may not accurately reflect the number of "attacks." Also, the data is 10 years old. 
Van Wanggaard
"There's no statistical evidence that" a waiting period for handgun purchases "reduces violence whatsoever."
There is research to indicate that handgun waiting periods are linked with lower suicide rates. But Politifact did not find evidence that waiting periods coincide with less violence being committed by one person against another.
Pope Francis
Pope Francis says Christians who manufacture guns are hypocritical.
Italy averages 11.9 firearms per 100 people. The United States, on the other hand, has the world’s highest average at 88 guns per 100 people.  Gun homicides in the US are over four times higher than in Italy. At Healing Connection we believe It is time that the lives of innocents override the hobby of gun owners.
Jeb Bush Fl
Jeb Bush says a law passed under Bill Clinton banned guns at military recruiting offices
The Department of Defense issued a directive, not a law, in 1992-when Bush’s father was president. It did not ban firearms outright; it limited them to military personnel who held certain jobs, such as positions in law enforcement. The Army issued a regulation implementing that directive in 1993 -- two months after Clinton was in office.
Rick Perry
"I deployed the Texas National Guard" to the Texas-Mexico border. "And the policy worked; apprehensions at the border declined 74 percent."
To be specific, Border Patrol apprehensions in the targeted part of the border region declined more than 70 percent through the second half of 2014. Unproven, however, is why that happened--and Perry’s statement crediting the Texas deployment ignored potentially substantive factors such as the Border Patrol staffing up and Mexico cracking down
"Obama Makes Huge Move to BAN Social Security Recipients From Owning Guns"
This is a vast exaggeration of the actual policy under consideration. It would not affect all Social Security recipients, but rather those who have already been declared mentally incompetent, and thus ineligible under current law from purchasing a gun.
Nicholas Kristof-New York Times
Kristof wrote in the New York Times that "More Americans have died from guns in the United States since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in American history."
The number of gun deaths since 1968 — including, as Kristof was careful to note, both homicides and suicides — was higher than war fatalities by roughly 120,000 deaths, or almost four years’ worth of gun deaths in the United States.
Eric Bolling
Fox News’ The Five, Eric Bolling says "In countries where there are higher, more strict gun laws, there is more gun violence."
The data found by PolitiFact shows that among countries more like America economically, nations with stricter regulation have much lower rates of gun-related homicides.
Nancy Pelosi House Minority Leader
Pelosi wants Congress to establish a Select Committee on Gun Violence in the wake of the Oregon college shooting that left 10 dead on Thursday.
The House Minority Leader said, "There's already a Select Committee on Benghazi, and there will likely be one to investigate Planned Parenthood." She now wants to create a committee to investigate the "crisis" of mass shootings. In 2015 alone, there have been 45 mass shootings at schools.

Mark Kelly, Responsible Solutions
Mark Kelly points out that "felons, people who are dangerously mentally ill have easy access to guns."
Astronaut Kelly founded Responsible Solutions with his wife, Gabby Giffords, after she was shot in a mass shooting in 2011.  He pointed out on CNN’s State of the Union on Oct. 4 that  for two decades there has been a senseless crippling ban on federal funding of gun violence research.

Joe Scarborough
About "3 percent of murders and crimes are committed with guns from people who actually (legally) purchase those guns."
Studies of prisoners who had a gun when committing a crime showed that 3% to 11% purchased the weapon at a store or gun show. But the studies only tell us where the guns came from, not whether they were acquired legally.
Gun Violence
Australia has a generation that has grown up FREE from Mass Shootings.
The 1996 Port Arthur Massacre, was Australia's 9/11. A mentally challenged gunman killed 35 and injured 23 innocent people at a tourist attraction.  Australia took action and has never had another mass shooting.  An entire generation has grown up not fearing such things.
Donald Trump
Trump says that Hillary Clinton "wants to abolish the Second Amendment."
 She has repeatedly said she wants to protect the right to bear arms while enacting measures to prevent gun violence.  There is no evidence she wants to abolish the Second Amendment,


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President Obama's full address after Oregon shooting.