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Bloggers claim, "Obama Declares November National Muslim Appreciation Month"
Boldfaced lies are created and posted on the web as "Internet satire" so they can be circulated in emails, in order to create fear and outrage.  These web sites include a small disclaimer saying that all is fabricated. This one created by a Tea Party Nation blogger.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama religion conspiracy theories
According to Pew Research, 18% of Americans and 30% of Republicans still believe that Obama is Muslim.  The truth is he has never been Muslim, and is a practicing Christian. View Obama's address on the National Day Of Prayer. Read about Obama's private faith.
Barack Obama
President Obama has declared November 2013 to be National Muslim Appreciation Month.
This is complete fabrication published as satire in the National Report, a web site that publishes outrageous fictional stories.
Muslims in the U.S. are specifically exempted from legislative requirements to purchase health insurance.
Certain groups may be eligible for the RELIGIOUS CONSCIENCE EXEMPTION. For example Amish, Mennonites, and Hutterites have a history of declining Social Security and providing for their own dependent members. It is unlikely that Muslims are eligible.
Pope Francis
Pope Francis urged people to work for a world where everyone accepts each other's differences and where enemies recognize that they are brothers.
New Years message: "We are all children of one heavenly father, we belong to the same human family and we share a common destiny,"
Jewish Muslim Peace
Huffington Post reports on the Unlikely Friendship of Rabbi Marc Schneier and Imam Shamsi Ali.
These two coauthored a book, Sons of Abraham: A Candid Conversation About the Issues That Divide and Unite Jews and Muslims, in which they explain the theological commonalities between Muslims and Jews while breaking down common misconceptions which are "based on very old misunderstandings of each other’s religions."
Bloggers say, "Florida Democrats just voted to impose Sharia law on women."
Senate Democrats did vote against a bill that prohibits judges from applying foreign law in family-law cases if it contradicts United States public policy. In reality, though, the bill would have essentially codified existing practice. The bill didn’t single out Sharia law, and the United States Constitution still applies.
Email entitled 'Meet Mohammad Fazl' claims to show Fazi with 5 severed heads.
This disturbing picture was widely distributed in May, before Fazi's release from Guantanamo Bay, and is really an image of an Iraq-born former Dutch resident "Islamic extremist" or "Islamic jihadist" named Khalid Abudurahman.
August Surprise: Obama announces August 2014 to be 'International Muslim Awareness Month.
This is a repeat of an old lie by the "National Report," a political satire web publication who admittedly is in the business of creating lies. They use fake or real names to create semi-real or mostly fictitious stories.  They Photoshop pictures, alter videos, and create realistic looking legislation, then followers spread the lies around the web as if it were real news.

President Obama stopped wearing his wedding ring and wristwatch in observance of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.
a) Obama is not a Muslim. b) Islam has no prohibition against Jewelry during Ramadan. c) Photos used to prove this wild claim show him wearing his watch during a few days when his ring was being repaired, not during the entire month of Ramadan. d) This bogus email has re-circulated since 2010. e) True Christians would not fabricate such lies.
Pope Francis
Pope Francis endorses use of force in Iraq to stop persecution of religious minorities
Peace-loving Pope Francis said the international community should work together to decide how to intervene to prevent the slaughter of innocent people.  He is considering a Papal visit there to show solidarity with persecuted Christians.
Prayer Request
PRAYER NEEDED: It appears to be true that ISIS is beheading children in Queragosh, Iraq.
Christians are being given a choice to convert to Muslim, pay a huge fine, or be murdered.  Reportedly, those who pay a fine myst surrender their wives and daughters to ISIS to become Muslim wives.  Children's heads are being desplayed on a stick in the park. See CNN report
Muslim Star and Crescent
Outrageous conspiracy theories are spread by Christians and Muslims. Read some insights about why the Muslim world is receptive to these fabrications.
"The biggest problem with conspiracy theories is that they keep us not only from the truth, but also from confronting our faults and problems."( Quote by Egyptian intellectual Abd al-Munim).  These fabrications may be "a convenient way of "explaining the powerlessness of a community that was at one time the world's economic, scientific, political and military leader" (Per former Pakistani diplomat Husain Haqqani).
James Woods Actor
"The leader of ISIS was imprisoned by American troops and ordered released to Iraq by Obama administration in 2009."
The current head of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was held by U.S. forces for 10 months in 2004 at a detention facility in Iraq called Camp Bucca.  This was long before Obama became president. The false rumor was tracked back to an interview on the Daily Beast.  ABC News later questioned the facts.
Sheik Abdulaziz Al al-Sheik
Saudi Arabia's top clerics condemn terrorism, citing Quran.
All 21 members of Saudi's governing council said that "terrorism is a heinous crime" under Sharia law.  They quoted extensively from the Koran and sayings of the Prophet Mohammad, which prohibit militant financing or encouraging young people towards militant acts.
Malala Yousafzai
Radical Islamist militants, Boko Haram, abduct more women in Nigeria.
Scores of young women were kidnapped from a mountain village October 18, 2014 in new abductions by Islamist militants.  There were similarities to the abductions last April of more than 200 Chibok schoolgirls.  This sheds doubt on a deal that promised the return of the first girls.
Former Vice President Dick Cheney
In wake of Senate report, Dick Cheney says terrorists 'not covered by the Geneva Convention'
The truth is unlawful combatants are still accorded a minimum degree of protection, including a ban on "violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture," and "outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment," both of which have been validated by the Supreme Court.
Former Vice President Dick Cheney
Cheney on torture report: Saddam Hussein 'had a 10-year relationship with al-Qaida'.
Chaney's claim on NBC’s Meet the Press, Dec. 14, 2014, is refuted by high-level government reports based on a trove of secret Iraqi government documents that fell into American hands after the invasion.
Stephen Hayes
Hayes: "We've caught Iran cheating on the interim (nuclear) deal."
The truth is that International Atomic Energy Agency has reported no violations with the Joint Plan of Action. Iran has worked with a new kind of centrifuge. When confronted on the matter, Iran stopped its work.
Rick Perry
"Obama has chosen to deny the vicious anti-Semitic motivation of the attack on a kosher Jewish grocery in Paris."
On several occasions Obama called the Paris attack an act of anti-Semitism. In one interview while responding to a question Obama said the attackers were "randomly" shooting people in the store.  Perry twisted words and implied meaning that was clearly not there.
Chain Email
Chain email: "Over 200 years ago, the US had declared war on Islam, and Thomas Jefferson led the charge!"
In the 18th century the US waged war against Muslim pirates who were the terror of the Mediterranean and a large area of the North Atlantic. This was done to protect US the merchant fleet. It was not a war on Muslims.
Marco Rubio
ISIS is "now the predominant Islamist group in Benghazi."
In reality besides some activity in pockets across the country, ISIS holds sway in Derna, but not so much in Benghazi.
Sean Hannity
"You can’t build a Christian church in Saudi Arabia."
That’s correct. The Saudi Arabian government’s policy bans the construction of churches. Saudi Arabia is an outlier among predominantly Muslim countries.
Reince Priebus
Says Hillary Clinton took "money from kings of Saudi Arabia and Morocco and Oman and Yemen."
The monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Oman have contributed to the Clinton Foundation, but Yemen, which does not have a king, has not. The foundation did indeed receive money, not Clinton herself.
Muslim-christian Relationship
Three Muslim organizations have raised over $100,000 to help rebuild black churches In the South.
Following the shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston and subsequent black church fires, three Muslim organizations joined forces to launch the “Respond With Love” campaign, stating that "ALL houses of worship are sanctuaries, a place where all should feel safe."
Donald Trump
The five Guantanamo detainees swapped for Bowe Bergdahl "are right now back on the battlefield."
The Taliban Five are known to be in Qatar, where they have been since their release over a year ago. Qatar is considered neutral ground -- not a battlefield -- and they are not allowed to leave the country.
Cory Booker D-nj
Booker: Every day we see and hear lawmakers and people of 'faith' using the word of God to hurt others.
Don’t speak to me about your religion; first show it to me in how you treat other people.
Don't tell me how much you love your God; show me in how much you love all His children.
  Don't preach to me your passion for your faith; teach me through your compassion for your neighbors. In the end, I'm not as interested in what you have to tell or sell as in how you choose to live and give.
Muslim Star And Crescent
More than 1,000 Indian Muslim clerics sign fatwa against ISIS saying the acts of the Islamic State are inhuman and un-Islamic.
Religious leaders from hundreds of Islamic mosques, education institutions and civic groups across India have ratified the edict, or fatwa. "Islam does not allow the killing of even an animal."
Prayer Request
We ask every reader to take time to lift all the Paris victims and their families up in Prayer.
Don't forget to pray for the misguided members of ISIS who think that God likes the murder of innocents.  They do not represent Muslim teachings. Mohamed was a man of peace.  May they understand the true meaning of their faith.
Donald Trump
Trump says 25 percent of U.S. Muslims "agreed that violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as a part of the global jihad."
Trump is referring to a highly questionable poll conducted by the Center for Security Policy. Experts question the methodology and the dubiously large percentages of respondents who said they were unaware of ISIS or al-Qaida. Even an official with the Center for Security Policy cautioned against generalizing the poll results to the entire Muslim-American community.


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