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Article: President Obama's speech to 2014 National Prayer Breakfast

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Obama tells of his journey to embrace Christianity and that faith guides him daily. Religion strengthens America and religious freedom strengthens nations.
Political Satire
Bloggers claim, "Obama Declares November National Muslim Appreciation Month"
Boldfaced lies are created and posted on the web as "Internet satire" so they can be circulated in emails, in order to create fear and outrage.  These web sites include a small disclaimer saying that all is fabricated. This one created by a Tea Party Nation blogger.
Marco Rubio
In Florida, "300,000 people are going to lose their individual coverage because of Obamacare
Rubio’s source said actually assures policy holders of “continuous health care coverage”
Barack Obama
Obama's faith
The President's Devotional, held in Secret' In Newtown after Sandy Hook, by the White House Spiritual Adviser.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama religion conspiracy theories
According to Pew Research, 18% of Americans and 30% of Republicans still believe that Obama is Muslim.  The truth is he has never been Muslim, and is a practicing Christian. View Obama's address on the National Day Of Prayer. Read about Obama's private faith.
Barack Obama
Consumer Reports uncovers the real cost of ObamaCare
Thousands of people have received notices that their insurance policies are being terminated because they do not meet the minimum standards.  These are typically junk policies that are not really insurance at all.
Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck says Barack Obama knew that 50% of Americans would lose health insurance
The primary study Beck relied on contradicts his numbers.  Even the author of the study Beck cites and many other health policy experts disagree with his assertion. 
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin's alternative to Obamacare
Matt Lauer attempts to get answers from Sarah Palin about health care on Monday's "Today".
Watch this entertaining video.

Paul Broun
Braun claims federal report says Obamacare will increase the long-term federal deficit by $6.2 trillion.
The Federal report he quotes actually says that the health care law could cause the federal deficit to increase if cost-savings measures are phased out over time. But if the law is fully implemented, it could actually lower the deficit over time.
Barack Obama
President Obama has declared November 2013 to be National Muslim Appreciation Month.
This is complete fabrication published as satire in the National Report, a web site that publishes outrageous fictional stories.
Ken Cuccinelli
Since Obamacare became law, "most of our new jobs have been part-time jobs."
Failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli and Tea Party Conservative has no basis for this statement. BLS figures show that since the signing in March 2010, there are 5 million more full-time workers and 500,000 more part-time employees.
Muslims in the U.S. are specifically exempted from legislative requirements to purchase health insurance.
Certain groups may be eligible for the RELIGIOUS CONSCIENCE EXEMPTION. For example Amish, Mennonites, and Hutterites have a history of declining Social Security and providing for their own dependent members. It is unlikely that Muslims are eligible.
Ted Cruz Tx
Over 2/3 of Ted Cruz reviewed statements are rated false, mostly false, or pants on fire.
Conservative Sen.Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has led the effort to defund or delay Obamacare..Out of 25 statements reviewed by PolitiFact, only 8 were true, mostly true, or half true.  Lying is not a Christian value.
Barack Obama
How many of Obama's campaign promises has he kept?
PolitiFact has compiled more than 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns and is tracking their progress on our Obameter45 percent were kept and 25 percent were compromised.  Check it out.

Joe Barton, R-TX users 'waive any reasonable right to privacy,' Rep. Barton says is compliant with HIPAA regulations on privacy.
Jeb Bush Fl
Jeb Bush tweets that Obama is closing the embassy to the Vatican. Implies it might be retribution for opposing Obamacare
The US relocating its embassy closer to the Vatican to improve security, decrease expense, and to be more architecturally distinctive. The move has been in the works since George W. Bush was president. And there is no evidence to support the idea that the relocation was related to battles over Obamacare.
Donna Brazile Cnn
Donna Brazile says GOP lacks plan to help working poor get health insurance
Republicans do suggest refundable tax credits which can help some Americans, but the plan is full of uncertainty and results might be limited. No independent studies show how much Republican ideas for tax deductions and tax credits would accomplish.
Ted Cruz Tx
Says "President Obama just granted all of Congress an exception" to Obamacare.
Congress will use new marketplaces alongside the uninsured and small businesses. All Congress got was a clarification about the law’s effect on contributions toward their health insurance — which they will purchase on Obamacare’s marketplaces.
Al Sharpton
Says President Barack Obama "has taken 92 days of vacation since he was sworn in," compared to 367 for President George W. Bush
True, but Bush often worked from a family home in Texas whereas Obama has no equivalent family retreat,
Barack Obama
Says "our deficits are falling at the fastest rate in 60 years."
While economists vary on how to best measure that decline, the president used an acceptable approach and his numbers are accurate.
Political Satire
Dhimmitude' on page 107 of the health care law exempts Muslims, claims chain email
In fact, this email is wrong on just about everything: The word "dhimmitude" is not in the law. Muslims are not specifically exempted. And if anyone is exempted, it’s a small number of Christian groups. This was created to create religious turmoil.
Barack Obama
"President Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times. George W. Bush did it seven times."
Raising the debt ceiling has been an issue repeatedly tackled by Republicans and Democrats alike.
Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz says Democrats will shut down Catholic church charities and hospitals if the church doesn’t change its beliefs.
PolitiFact found no sign of such a statement -- or anything close..Cruz says Democrats are "fighting a war on religious liberty," but there is no basis for this wild, outrageous claim.  Christians should uphold the truth.
Political Satire
President Obama issued an executive order to replace the U.S. flag with one of a more "progressive and diverse" design.
This lie was created as political humor by the Daily Currant, is complete with an image of imaginary flag, and is circulated to make people believe it is real.
Rush Limbaugh
"Obamacare is going to increase the divorce rate."
There is concern about a "marriage penalty," which exists for other federal programs with sliding income eligibility scales, but experts said the effect may be marginal, as no one has done the research to nail down reasonable expectations.
Barack Obama
"A million people … could get health insurance right away" if Texas expanded Medicaid under Obamacare.
Estimates show some 1.4 million to 1.7 million would be eligible immediately. Currently there are 6,080,000 uninsured in Texas/ 24% of the population.
Jeff Merkley
Says the Affordable Care Act has already reduced the number of uninsured in Oregon by 10 percent.
Some 70,000 had received coverage through the fast-track program. Even considering those who lost coverage because of unsatisfactory policies, there was a net gain of 56,000 people covered. The Republican National Committee launched robocalls against the senator -- along with 10 other Democrats up for re-election -- accusing them of lying about the new law.
Obamacare provision will allow "forced home inspections" by government agents.
The program they pointed to provides grants for voluntary help to at-risk families by trained staff like nurses and social workers. Studies show that such visits to families of newborns reduced child abuse and neglect, even years later. They also reduced government spending for low-income unmarried women.
Ted Cruz Tx
"According to a recent Congressional Budget Office report, under Obamacare, 7 million people will lose their employer-sponsored
Cruz cherry-picks and misinterprets the non-partisan Congressional Budget Offiice's 10-year budget outlook forecast. It states that instead of losing coverage, many are expected to shift into the health insurance exchanges.
Chain Email
Says President Barack Obama has issued upwards of 1,000 executive orders, more than any modern president.
As of Jan. 20, 2014, he had issued only 168.  FDR signed off on more than 3,500 executive orders, and, in fact, Obama is on pace to issue fewer executive orders than any two-term president since 1900.  This same email promotes other wild, outrageous lies.
Conservative Website
Conservative website says Barack Obama signed law to require health professionals to share private data that would lead to gun confiscation
Rules to determine if someone is mentally incompetent and a risk for gun violence are enforced differently in various jurisdictions. This is not law, it isn’t enacted and it isn’t unconstitutional according to Supreme Court jurisprudence.
John Boehner
Says President Barack Obama’s health care law is "expected to destroy 2.3 million jobs."
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office report was widely misquoted and misconstrued.  The reduction will come from voluntary actions by workers, rather than layoffs by employers. The law would not push up unemployment. In fact, some people at the low end of the wage ladder would find it easier to find work as a result of the predicted shifts in the workforce.
Chain email says President Obama canceled the National Day of Prayer. Circulated every year.
Observances of the National Day of Prayer took place throughout the U.S. and in the White House each year. In 2010 the Freedom from Religion Foundation filed a suit against the Obama Administration saying that the National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional. The Judge ruled in favor of the prayer observance. See Obama's address to this years observance.
Nat. Republican Congressional Committee says Obamacare includes a "$700 billion cut from Medicare for seniors".
The numbers are right, but the intent is false. There is reduction in spending to Medicare outlays, but it’s fueled by finding savings in the program, a move that Republicans actually supported in the Ryan budget. Medicare spending still increases in the coming years.
Wolf Blitzer
Ted Nugent called President Barack Obama, "subhuman mongrel,", the term Hitler used to "justify the genocide of the Jewish community."
Ted Nugent, who is campaigning with Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott. Defames the character of Obama's using the same terms used to defame the Jews and justify their extermination-not a good role-model.

Josh McKoon
A Georgia religious freedom bill would help Catholic institutions that, under Obamacare, could be forced to provide abortion-inducing drugs.
False on many fronts. In 2010 Obama signed an executive order declaring that federal funds would not be used for abortion services, except in the case of rape, incest or a woman’s life safety, in accordance with long-standing restrictions commonly known as the Hyde Amendment.
A poll shows 71 percent of Obama voters regret voting for him.
Total misrepresentation of facts. of 1000 voters polled in February, YouGov found 90 percent of Romney voters would vote for Romney again, while 79 percent of Obama voters said they would stick with Obama. The 10 percent who said they would not vote for him again got a follow-up question: Do you regret voting for Obama?
Americans For Prosperity
Millions of Americans are "paying more and getting less" under Obamacare.
Truth is most people are getting more benefits under the law. At worst, they’re paying more to get more, though in many cases they’re actually paying less.  Premiums have steadily increased (more than doubled from 2000 until Obama took office.) Four of the smallest rate increases of the last 14 years were under Obama. Increase in healthcare costs have also slowed during the last four years.
John Boehner
The United States has seen "a net loss of people with health insurance" because of Obamacare.
Bad Math! Every indicator right now suggests there will be a net gain in coverage. First, most of the people who lost their insurance have seen those policies extended to them through an administrative fix, or received new coverage through their previous insurer, or bought a new plan. Second, millions of people gained coverage through Medicaid, or by remaining on parents insurance until age 26.
Ted Cruz Rep TX
Says President Barack Obama "is the first president we've ever had who thinks he can choose which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore."
PolitiFact found that at least seven presidents -- including some of the nation’s most admired occupants of the White House (Bush, Nixon, Reagan, Truman, A. Johnson, Lincoln) acted, at least on occasion, in ways that ignored specific laws or constitutional protections. (read details)
Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz claims the single biggest lie in politics is that Republicans are the party of the rich. But is it really the truth?
The data show wealthy Americans are not universally Republican, though they tend to lean and vote that way. Cruz never really explains why he believes this is the “biggest lie.” Instead, he attacks President Obama for presiding over an increase in income inequality and says that the president’s policies, such as the health-care law, have negatively affected “young people, Hispanics, African Americans, single moms.
Mitt Romney
No single “major country has greater respect and admiration for America today than it did five years ago when Barack Obama became president.”
Although America’s stature worldwide slipped last year, its favorability was still much higher than during the last year of the George W. Bush administration, including in major countries such as France, Germany and Japan, according to the latest polls from the Pew Research Center.
Americans For Prosperity
New anti-Obamacare ad makes misleading claims according to Washington Post Fact Checker
Americans for Prosperity (Kosh brothers) makes sweeping claims about the health-care law that lack context or offer a misleading picture.  They claim not to be about politics yet run in states with competitive Senate races. They misconstrue facts.
Marco Rubio
Says the goal of the Affordable Care Act was to get 30 million people insured, but it only got 7 million.
The clearly stated goal for 2014, that the White House hit just in time, was 7 million signups. By 2019, that number is expected to jump to 27 million. Rubio does have a point that many Americans will remain uninsured under the reform, but his claim twists the administration’s timeline for enrolling uninsured Americans.
Organizing For Action
A Koch brothers group is "going to college campuses, giving away free booze to try to bribe young folks out of getting health insurance."
Generation Opportunity, a Koch brothers-backed group, didn’t bribe students, but they did offer alcohol to young people at Opt-Out events near college campuses, to encourage young people to consider buying health insurance other than the Affordable Care Act.
Gov Terry Mcauliffe
State Medicaid expansion "will save Virginia's treasury $1 billion over the next eight years."
The research concludes that Medicaid expansion will save $601 million over the next eight years if approved by the legislature. The analysis he cites says the state will save another $420 million from other provisions in Obamacare, regardless of whether it broadens Medicare,
Liz Chaney
"The numbers of people that support Obamacare and like it have been steadily dropping."
Americans remain divided on the health care law, and most polls show that more people oppose it than support it. But we found no evidence that people who once supported the law are "steadily" changing their minds -- not even in the poll Cheney specifically cited.
Ann Coulter- Conservative pundit
A friend’s sister "died from Obamacare" because Blue Shield "completely just pulled out of California."
Blue Shield did not pull out of California, and the company did not leave people without insurance. In fact, customers were allowed to keep their existing insurance plans through March. If the basic facts of Coulter’s story are accurate, the woman in question elected to drop insurance coverage.
Gretchen Carlson- Conservative Pundit
"The CBO now says the president's health care law will cut the number of full-time jobs in the United States by 2.3 million by 2021."
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report is misquoted. The CBO said the health care law will give more people an incentive to reduce their hours; some will limit their hours and some will stop working altogether by their own choice. The law would not push up unemployment, but may affect the number of hours worked..
Marc Thiessen former GOP speechwriter
Says "Barack Obama has gone from blaming George W. Bush to plagiarizing George W. Bush."
Thiessen himself says he didn’t mean that Obama copied Bush; rather, that Obama took the theme of opportunity from Bush. Even if Obama did emphasize a theme Republicans identify with, that in no way matches the popular, or legal, understanding of plagiarism. 'Opportunity" is neither Republican or Democrat.
Seven Dumbest Fake Obama Photos
The practice of altering political images has risen to new heights in recent years.  Some people, often in the name of Conservative values, work very hard to create outrageous lies.  These photos are great examples.  When they are circulated, many people believe them.
Freedom Partners
Freedom Partners, a Koch brothers group, placed ads accusing Rep. Bruce Braley of giving 'special favors' to insurers by voting for Obamacare
It’s ridiculous to suggest that donors who contributed less than 1 percent of his warchest weighed more heavily on his vote than his ideology, his past campaign promises and his partisan affiliation. 
Donald Trump
"ObamaCare enrollment lie: Obama counts an enrollee as a web user putting a plan in ‘their online shopping carts.’"
An application must be submitted to be considered enrolled. Some insurance companies accept payment online, and others mail statements. Most states require a month grace period. Trump has oversimplifed a highly regulated private industry.
Under Obamacare, patients 76 and older must be admitted to the hospital by their primary care physicians in order to be covered by Medicare.
These fabrications originated in 2009 as part of a widely distributed 'letter from Judge David Kithil', which contained many totally false criticisms of "Obamacare" health care reform legislation.
Chain Email
"The President wants the U.S. to sign on to the U.N.’s International Criminal Court."
The Obama administration has been more willing to engage with the court than the Bush administration, but Obama has made no sign that he wants to become a full-blown member of the court. Even if he did, doing so would require 67 votes in the Senate.
Americans For Tax Reform
Obama has proposed 442 tax hikes, says anti-tax group
PolitiFact analysis suggests about 200 items should be knocked off of the list that is attached to this claim, because they are duplicate items that show up in multiple budgets.  Many other items were proposals that cannot be considered tax increases. Seventy percent of claims by this group are rated partly false or pants-on-fire.
Americans For Prosperity
Washington Post debunks Americans for Prosperity ads criticizing Obamacare.
Americans for Prosperity, the limited-government group sponsored by the Koch brothers has spent $35 million attacking Democrats over the Affordable Care Act, but their new expensive ads are false.
Tim Huelskamp R Kansas
"Obamacare has boosted the number of uninsured."
In at least two instances Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp simply invented his claim that “numbers” exist showing that “there are more people uninsured today in Kansas” since the health-care law was implemented.
Americans For Prosperity
AFP says health care premiums up 90 percent in New Hampshire
AFP cherry picked data from a Morgan Stanley report that was based on just one insurance broker in the state. If some individuals have the wrong combination of income and health factors, they might see large premium increases, but that’s not typical in the state.
Fact-checking Benghazi: The rhetoric hasn't matched up with reality
PolitiFact checked eleven popular quotes regarding the oft-investigated Benghazi tragedy.  Two were rated Pants-on-fire; three were False; five were mostly false, one was half-true; and none were true or partly true.  Millions of dollars are spent to support unfounded claims for political gain.
Actor Wayne Rogers
Former MASH star says, "There are over 200 documented cases where (Obama) has lied."
Rogers did not provide any proof, but it appears he got his information from an online list of 252 perceived transgressions by Obama that include accusations of lying, broken promises, ethical lapses and objectionable policies. PolitiFact determined that the article offered 13 instances of what the author saw and another 13 instances of Obama breaking promises.
Rand Paul
"For every Kentuckian that has enrolled in Obamacare, 40 have been dropped from their coverage."
First, Paul cherry picked data from outdated estimates/ not facts. His figures are not mathematically possible. Using the narrowest definition of "sign-ups," there would have to be 3.3 million cancellations in the state for his figures to be true. In fact, it’s reasonable to argue that more people in Kentucky have coverage through Obamacare than have been canceled.
Democratic Party
Virginia Democratic Party says Virginia House Republicans are sacrificing $5 million a day in U.S. funds by refusing to expand Medicaid.
As many as 400,000 Virginians could become eligible for Medicaid under Obamacare, and the U.S. would pay their entire health care costs through 2016.   But the $5 million-a-day figure comes from an old state estimate. Updated data shows loss of $3.5 million a day for the 2014 budget year, and about $4.5 million a day during the following budget year.
"Obama Signs Bill Forgiving All Student Loan Debt."
Obama has taken executive action and called for passage of a student-loan refinancing bill now pending in the Senate,but there is no reason to think anyone is considering forgiving all student debts.  This is just a lie to defame Obama and scare people.
Email shows photograph claiming Michelle Obama is a disgrace for not saluting the flag during a 2011 Veterans Day ceremony.
The person who Photoshopped this photo is the disgrace.  This is really an NCAA basketball game and the photo has been misleadingly cropped.  Notice that no one in the photo except President Obama has hand over heart.
Recirculated email: Mike Savage claims President Obama became the first U.S. president not to lay a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.
Presidents Reagan, G.W. Bush, and Clinton have all missed some Memorial Days at Arlington. Obama has participated every year except 2010 when  he honored the veterans with a speech at Andrews Air Force Base.
David Brat GOP FL
PolitiFact looks back at fact-checks from Eric Cantor's primary loss.
False statements on both sides played a part in the shocking loss by popular GOP House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor.  Of particular concern was efforts to demonize any bipartisan effort toward immigration reform.
Bob Goodlatte GOP Rep Va
The "9-0 decision last week was the 13th time the Supreme Court voted 9-0 that the president had exceeded his constitutional authority."
Most of the 13 cases cited originated under and were first litigated by the Bush administration, and many had nothing to do with presidential authority.
Barack Obama
"In 31 states, decent child care costs more than college tuition."
The information comes from a 2013 report by Child Care Aware of America, but the cost was for infants. Child care for a 4 year old costs more than in-state college tuition and fees in 19 states.
Barack Obama
"The United States is the only developed country in the world without paid maternity leave."
Few Americans have paid maternity leave.  The rest of the developed world has at least some paid benefits, but many developed countries still have inferior benefits.
Video of Barack Obama speech circulating on the Internet was edited to make him say individuals should "surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign."
In an address to European youth, Obama praised efforts at international order and denounced those who did not believe in the ability of ordinary people to govern their own affairs.  The video was been tampered with in order to make it look like he said the opposite.
President Barack Obama "is the first president to keep a dog-trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense."
A dog trainer, Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz, has worked with Bo briefly, but not paid by the administration. Reggie Love was an Obama aide who earned $102,000, but dog handling was a small fraction of his total duties.
Barack Obama is the "first president to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect."
American Presidents all swear to protect the Constitution, which sometimes leads to clashes with states and the president is then obligated to challenge them through lawsuits. PolitiFact found dozens of examples of the federal government suing states going back a century.
Ted Cruz Tx
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), blame the surge of Immigrant children on President Barack Obama's DACA program.
Only undocumented minors who arrived prior to June 2012, were eligible for "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DECA. Central American news media routinely portray Obama as tough on immigration. These children are escaping extreme violence, crime, and poverty.
August Surprise: Obama announces August 2014 to be 'International Muslim Awareness Month.
This is a repeat of an old lie by the "National Report," a political satire web publication who admittedly is in the business of creating lies. They use fake or real names to create semi-real or mostly fictitious stories.  They Photoshop pictures, alter videos, and create realistic looking legislation, then followers spread the lies around the web as if it were real news.

"Justice John Roberts Signed Off On Obama’s Arrest For Treason."
The claim appeared on numerous conservative websites in April and May, but is totally false.  Even if he wanted to, the Constitution wouldn’t allow it.
Sean Spincer Gop Communications Dir
GOP spokesman says Supreme Court unanimously ruled against Barack Obama's executive orders 13 times.
This lie was debunked previously.  Most of the litigation actually came in response to actions under the Bush administration. The court wasn't even ruling on challenges to Obama’s executive orders.  (Such lies are a disgrace. Repeating them is worse.)
Deirdre Imus Fox commentator
Under President Ronald Reagan, illegal immigrants "were not pouring in like" they are now.
Apprehension records, even allowing for changes in tactics, show an average of over a million border crossing attempts during the Reagan years. For Obama, the average is about 417,000.
Barack Obama
"We've recovered (from the recession) faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on Earth."
According to the annual Economic Report, of 12 nations, only the US and Germany have surpassed their pre-recession level. Another measure, says US is expected to have the highest growth in the coming year -- a projected 2.75 percent.
Lou Dobbs Fox Pundit
Obama’s 2012 policy on younger immigrants "created these children coming across" the border.
The influx of children comes mainly from the most troubled nations in Central America. The claim that Obama’s policy created the influx does not match the timeline and ignores other important factors.
Mitch McConnell, sen KY
Says a new report shows the "devastating tax hikes (in the health care law) will have on middle-class Kentuckians."
Other than an excise tax on high-cost plans, the Congressional Budget Office Report that he refers to showed how more high-income earners will have to pay taxes over time, but most of the middle class wouldn’t be affected, even 25 years from now.
President Obama stopped wearing his wedding ring and wristwatch in observance of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.
a) Obama is not a Muslim. b) Islam has no prohibition against Jewelry during Ramadan. c) Photos used to prove this wild claim show him wearing his watch during a few days when his ring was being repaired, not during the entire month of Ramadan. d) This bogus email has re-circulated since 2010. e) True Christians would not fabricate such lies.
Nancy Pelosi House Minority Leader
"The House of Representatives has never sued a sitting president in all of U.S. history."
This is correct, however there have been at least 14 suits over the past four decades filed by individual lawmakers or groups of lawmakers.
Obamacare won't let Florida regulate health insurance, state GOP says.
The Affordable Care Act says if states can regulate premiums, they should. States only have to bring laws up to minimum Obamacare requirements and only intervenes in states that don’t have effective rate review programs -- something Florida can do on its own, but won’t.
Barack Obama
White House rolls out new birth control accommodation for nonprofits
Nonprofits as Catholic schools and hospitals can opt out of covering birth control by notifying the Department of Health and Human Services of their objections. A third-party insurer will pay for and administer the coverage so that women still receive the contraceptive coverage guaranteed to them by the Affordable Care Act.
Barack Obama
PolitiFact has reviewed some 529 statements by Barack Obama. See which statements are true and false.
PolitiFact evaluates statements by most politicians.  You can check out the truth-o-meter of your favorite politician by clicking on the 'people' button at the top of the PolitiFact home page.  Read how PolitiFact makes it's decisions.
Barack Obama
What has Obama accomplished as president? Which campaign promises were compromised? Which ones has he failed to keep?
PolitiFact has compiled more than 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns and is tracking their progress on our Obameter.
Tom Corbett Gov Pa
Republican Governor Tom Corbett agrees to expand Medicaid for low-income residents in Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania will become the 28th state to expand Medicare under the Affordable Care Act.  An estimated 500,000 low-income individuals will be offered subsidies to purchase private insurance.  The state will fund and administer a voluntary program that will offer job training and placement services.
Barack Obama
President Obama proclaims September 5-7, 2014 as National Days of Prayer and Remembrance.
The president called for reaffirming a dedication to freedom and tolerance, saying, "May our faith reveal that even the darkest night gives way to a brighter dawn."  Read his full message.
James Woods Actor
"The leader of ISIS was imprisoned by American troops and ordered released to Iraq by Obama administration in 2009."
The current head of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was held by U.S. forces for 10 months in 2004 at a detention facility in Iraq called Camp Bucca.  This was long before Obama became president. The false rumor was tracked back to an interview on the Daily Beast.  ABC News later questioned the facts.
Henry Kissenger, Nixon Sec of State
Kissinger: Drones have killed more civilians than the bombing of Cambodia in the Vietnam War
While data is not precise in both cases, there have been barely over 1,000 civilian deaths due to precise drone strikes, compared to at least 4,000 civilian deaths due to American bombs in Cambodia where Nixon ordered half a million tons of bombs over four years.
Donald Trump
Trump: Obama's New York fundraising trip cost 'between $25 million and $50 million'
Presidential trips to Chili and China cost about 3 million a day considering secret service, Air Force One, up to 300 staffers with their accommodations, and other costs.  A trip to New York requires far less pre-planning and diplomatic arrangements.  Trump did not reply
John McCain, GOP AZ
"We were told there would never be a case of Ebola in the United States."
Based on public statements, Obama and CDC officials have repeatedly said there’s a chance an Ebola case could appear in the United States, but the possibility of an outbreak is extremely low.
Pat Roberts, GOP KS
"20,000 Kansans lost their health insurance because of (Obamacare)."
About 57,000 Kansans obtained insurance on If the state follows the national trend, roughly half of these people were uninsured before the law.
Barack Obama
The cost of "health care is now the single-biggest factor driving down" the federal budget deficit.
The CBO specifically cited health care costs as the main reason, though the Affordable Care Act is not necessarily the primary cause of that calculation. Even though projections are lower than they were years ago, health care spending is rising in the short term.
Barack Obama
"When I took office, the deficit was nearly 10 percent of our economy. Today, it's approaching 3 percent."
Actually, the deficit reached 10 percent of the economy several months after Obama took office, not on his first day. Data is only available for fiscal years. For fiscal year 2009, the deficit as a percentage of GDP was 9.8 percent, while the projected percentage for fiscal year 2014 is 3.7 percent.
Ted Cruz Rep Tx
"Obama, instead of nominating a health professional, he nominated someone who is an anti-gun activist (for surgeon general)."
Obama's November 2013 nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has an MD from Yale, teaches at Harvard medical school, and has a long list of impressive medical credentials, but Senate Republicans blocked his confirmation because of alleged anti-gun leanings. 
Karl Roves Pac
Conservative Republican group claims that because of ObamaCare, "California seniors face benefit cuts of over $1,700."
This Conservative group sports a mostly false PolitiFact overall rating. The eschewed facts they cite only apply to the 1/3 of seniors who are covered under the Medicare Advantage plans, and even those benefits have remained stable. Plus ObamaCare actually expanded Medicare’s minimum required benefits and established incentives for Advantage plans to provide extra benefits.
Ted Cruz Rep Tx
Republicans shut down Ted Cruz
Though Cruz insists he does not want a government shutdown, some of his Senate colleagues say that’s where his plan would end up.
"When (Barack Obama) took office, 2.3 million people were out of work. Five-plus years later, we have 5 million-plus out of work."
By almost every metric you can use to calculate the number of Americans who are "out of work," the number has been going down, not up
Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio says Castros, not embargo, reason Cubans don't have Internet
The U.S. sanctions have played a role in limited availability of technology. However, Rubio is right that the Cuban government has nearly complete control over the Internet.
Barack Obama
Obama: 'We're spending millions for each individual' held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
The Pentagon has reported that Guantanamo’s cost comes down to about $3 million per detainee per year -- about 100 times the average annual cost of a federal prisoner
Rudy Giuliani Ny R
Giuliani: Says President Barack Obama has said "that everybody should hate the police."
The truth is Obama has continuously encouraged working with police to find solutions and has also repeatedly emphasized the importance of law enforcement and the fact that police officers have a dangerous job.
Chain Email
New tax increases that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2015, "all passed under the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare."
The email is flat-out wrong when it blames Democrats, and Obamacare for the increases. The bulk of the tax hikes stem from a different bill entirely -- one that received support from a large majority of Senate Republicans and a significant minority of House Republicans.
Newt Gingrich
Says President Barack Obama got "a pass" over controversial remarks by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, while a 12-year-old speech by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise has blown up into a national story.
The truth is less than a week after the ABC News broadcast reported the Wright-Obama connection in 2008, the story littered print and TV media. Meanwhile, a poll found that 85 percent of Americans had at least some knowledge of the matter.
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
Says President Barack Obama has "not proposed one thing that would change" the fact that Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.
In fact, Obama has on multiple occasions proposed changing the tax code so that it complies with the "Buffett rule," which attempts to ensure that high-income people pay a certain percentage of their income in taxes that is at least higher than what middle-class people pay.
Randy Weber R-tx
Republican Congressman known for making bombastic statements, compares Obama to Hitler.
"Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn't do it for right reasons," Weber said in a tweet, referring to Germany's occupation of Paris in 1940.  White house says that presidential aides were caught off guard by the march’s massive size and attention, and there was no time to schedule security.
Joni Ernst Sen R-iowa
PolitiFact combed through every line of the State of the Union rebuttal by Senator Joni Ernst.
The rebuttal includes many fact and many points that had been debunked many times over.  Read the entire speech and see, point by point, which statements were true or not.
Fred Thompson, Ex-Sen. TN
Thompson says Obamcare could raise premiums enough to pay for a new Ford Explorer.
Thompson takes a few snippets and spins them into a misleading tale. Only a very specific type of person will have increases and at worse they would be up to $2,200 per yr. Most people will see premiums reduced or increased by 1 or 2 percent.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama's 2015 State of the Union address: annotated.
PolitiFact reviewed the state of the Union speech line by line.  Click the icon to review each point.
Barack Obama
"We've seen the fastest economic growth in over a decade, our deficits cut by two thirds, a stock market that has doubled and health care inflation at its lowest rate in 50 years."
This is a quote from the 2015 State of the Union message. Obama deserves full credit for reducing deficits by 2/3 since he took office during a major recession, but forecasters do expect some increases in the near future.
Barack Obama
"Too many bright, striving Americans are priced out of the education they need." 2015 State of the Union address.
PolitiFact validated a claim that, "In 1978, a student who worked a minimum-wage summer job could afford to pay a year's full tuition at the 4-year public university." Obama's point is that the current minimum wage now prohibits the American dream.
Barack Obama
"Joining Forces, the national campaign launched by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden has helped nearly 700,000 veterans and military spouses get a new job."
This quote from the 2015 State of the Union speech calls attention to an opportunity to reach out to our veterans.
Barbara Comstock R-10th
"Did you know under President Obama family health care premiums have increased $4,154 on the average?"
First, the number is dubious. Comstock uses Kaiser’s 2008 survey as the base year for Obama. That means she’s blaming Obama for some premiums that went into effect a year or more before he was inaugurated.
Stuart Varney, Fox News
"It will cost $50,000 per enrollee in Obamacare over the next 10 years."
This seems to come directly from an article in the Daily Mail. It’s most glaring defect is that it compares a 10-year cumulative total to a single-year snapshot of the number of people who gained insurance.
Andy Puzder
"Obamacare has caused millions of full-time jobs to become part-time."
The statistics, in this case, are inadequate to either prove or disprove that "millions" of Americans have seen their job go from full-time to part-time due to the law. That said, there’s evidence suggesting that hundreds of thousands of workers may have seen their hours cut as the law’s impact began to be felt.
Barack Obama
Obama slams Staples, big companies on Health Care: 'Shame on them'
"There is no reason for an employer who is not currently providing health care to their workers to discourage them from either getting health insurance on the job or being able to avail themselves of the Affordable Care Act," Obama said in the interview Tuesday.
John Boehner
'Ask The Senate Democrats When They're Going To Get Off Their Ass.'
The House passed a $30 billion funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security, but added unrelated amendments to limit Obama's executive actions on immigration. Republicans have conceded that the bill can not pass in the Senate, yet they are willing to hold up Security funding in order to thwart immigration reform--then blame Democrats.
Rick Perry
"Obama has chosen to deny the vicious anti-Semitic motivation of the attack on a kosher Jewish grocery in Paris."
On several occasions Obama called the Paris attack an act of anti-Semitism. In one interview while responding to a question Obama said the attackers were "randomly" shooting people in the store.  Perry twisted words and implied meaning that was clearly not there.
Barack Obama
"Nearly one in five women in America has been a victim of rape or attempted rape."
A well-respected survey by the CDC found that 19.3 percent of women reported experiences that are considered to be rape or attempted rape under the survey’s guidelines.
Rudy Giuliani Ny R
Says President Barack Obama said "that American exceptionalism is no more exceptional than the exceptionalism of any other country."
The truth is Obama repeatedly praised American exceptionalism and what it has offered the world, Obama also said, "I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism."
Texas Democratic Party
Rick Perry failed to "partner with the Legislature to find a Texas solution to closing the insurance coverage gap."
It’s safe to say around a million Texas adults fall into the coverage gap for making too little money to qualify for insurance subsidies and also remaining ineligible for Medicaid unless Texas expands access as encouraged by the Obamacare law and rejected by Perry and the state’s ruling Republicans.
Lou Dobbs Fox Pundit
Because of President Barack Obama’s failure to "push job creation," the black unemployment rate in Ferguson, Mo., is three times higher than the white unemployment rate.
First and foremost, Dobbs’ numbers are off. The most recent and best available statistics say the black unemployment rate is 1.9 times higher than the white unemployment rate in Ferguson (16 percent to 8.5 percent). Second, that has little to do with Obama.
Barack Obama
"Nearly one in five women in America has been a victim of rape or attempted rape."
The number comes from the 2011 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, which was released in September 2014 by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, showing that 19.3 percent of women reported experiences that are considered to be rape or attempted rape under the survey’s guidelines.
Megyn Kelly Fox News
Fox News says racist or offensive emails are "normal" in businesses in America.
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was outraged that Fox News normalized discrimination in Ferguson's police department and municipal court. She reviewed the outrageous racist emails circulated among Ferguson officers on the job, then showed clips of Fox News' Megyn Kelly saying such offensive emails were common.
Existing Image/Name
Ayatollah Khamenei slams Republican letter on Iran. Says U.S. known for 'backstabbing.'
The letter from Republican senators and the speech by Israeli Prime Minister contributed to the Ayatollah's belief that the US cannot be trusted.  
Glenn Beck
"A few weeks ago Obama took Hamas and Iran OFF the terror list."
Beck made a few clear mistakes here. First, it appears he mistook Hamas for Hezbollah. Second, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah remain on the official, and legally binding, State Department terror lists, as they have for decades.
Barack Obama
Five things President Obama wants to discuss with Pope Francis when the pontiff comes to DC.
1. Poor And Marginalized Populations; 2. Environmental Stewardship; 3. Religious Freedom; 4. Economic Opportunity; 5. and Immigration Reform.
Barack Obama
Paul Horner "Does President Obama limit church to twice a month?"
President Obama could not have made any such announcement, as he has no authority to limit church services, and any attempt to do so would be an obvious violation of the First Amendment's protections of religious freedom. The referenced article was a just another hoax from the News Examiner, a fake news site started by Mr. Horner.
Evan Bayh, D-Ind
"The fastest-growing part of the Pentagon’s budget are health care expenses."
There’s little debate that generous military health care benefits are taking up an ever-increasing share of the Pentagon’s budget.
Richard Corcoran
"Medicaid patients were 97 percent more likely to die than those with private insurance."
Corcoran was citing a 2010 University of Virginia study that looked at Medicaid patients who underwent surgery, not all people in the program.  Other studies show using Medicaid improves access and quality of life for many patients, or at the very least doesn’t hurt them.
Richard Clarke
"President Obama said he was going to stop (signature strikes)."
As far as Politifact can tell, Obama has never said himself that he would stop signature drone strikes, which killed two western civilian hostages. An unnamed administration official implied that signature strikes would eventually be phased out.
Sarah Silverman
Says Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has stated that supporting the "right to health care ... means you believe in slavery."
Silverman forwarded a social media meme shortened with Paul’s comments to fit the available space. The meme has been abridged from the full quote, but PolitiFact saw no significant change in his meaning and also found no evidence that Paul had backtracked on the views he expressed.
Barack Obama
President Obama says, "the United States is the most respected country on Earth."
International respect has greatly improved since the Bush era, but International Gallup polling shows that the US now finishes first only when compared to a limited group of countries -- Germany, China, Russia and the European Union. But a BBC poll that tested a broader group found the United States finishing in the middle of the pack, behind Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, the European Union and Brazil.
Ted Cruz Tx
Did Senator Ted Cruz call President Obama the "N" word as reported on a widely disseminated tape on the internet?
No, Cruz did not say this. A fake audio recording has been circulating online that purports to have captured Senator Ted Cruz referring to President Obama with the racial slur commonly known as the 'N-word'.
Chain Email
Chain email says Medicare won't pay for 'observational' stay in hospital due to Obama-Care.
Medicare does pay for in-hospital observational care, but medicare considers it outpatient treatment if there is no diagnosis, so it does not qualify the person for nursing home followup care. This has nothing to do with Obama-Care.   The claim is not only ridiculous but also dangerous, by urging ailing patients to leave the hospital for no good reason.
Donald Trump
"The $5 billion website for Obamacare … never worked. Still doesn't work."
Trump overstates the amount of money spent to create and fix, and his claim that the website isn’t working -- and never did -- is debunked by the fact that millions of Americans have signed up for insurance through the site.
Barack Obama
Wages are finally growing faster than health insurance costs.
Obama credits the Affordable Care Act for relief for employers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that over a 12-month period wages grew faster than health care costs for the first time since 1998.
Jim Carrey
Actor Jim Carrey says the "California governor says yes to poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum in vaccines."
Carrey called aluminum a poison and toxin. Like many other chemicals, it could be, in dosages and scenarios that are rare. There is no scientific evidence found by PolitiFact suggesting otherwise. In fact, the only debate stems from a theory, not research that contradicts decades of immunizations.
Barack Obama
Since 2009, "we've cut homelessness (among veterans) by a third."
According to the most recent, best available data, he’s right. During his tenure, homelessness among veterans has decreased 32.57 percent.
John Kasich R-oh
GOP candidate, Kasich, said Ohio "Medicaid is growing at one of the lowest rates in the country.”
In the GOP debate, Kasich defended his decision to accept Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. The Kaiser Family Foundation says Ohio’s growth rate is 3.3 percent between 2010 and 2013, placing it slightly below the national average of four percent. Overall, Ohio ranks 26th out of 50 states.Ohio benefited.
Barack Obama
Obama said Iranian hard-liners chanting "death to America" and the Republican caucus were "making common cause" by refusing to support the Iran nuclear deal.
He pointed out that, "inside of Iran, the people most opposed to the deal are the Revolutionary Guard, the Quds force, hard-liners who are implacably opposed to any cooperation with the international community,"
John Kasich R-oh
Presidential hopeful, Kasich says that real conservatism is watching out for the poor and disadvantaged, and that is good for the economy.
Kasich defended Ohio's Medicaid expansion by saying, when skeptics arrive in heaven, "Saint Peter isn’t going to ask them how small they’ve kept government, but what they have done for the poor." He quotes Matthew 25.  Healthy people are employable, and Medicaid money helps, rehabilitate prisoners and drug users, which saves money.  Ohio's budget has a surplus and he has cut taxes.
Scott Walker
Obamacare doesn’t require members of Congress "to abide by the same rules that all of the other Americans do."
Health care reforms established a marketplace for small businesses to sponsor health care coverage for their employees. Members of Congress get healthcare with government like other large companies, but their staff can use the exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act just like their constituents would.
Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz says "Under Barack Obama and the big government economy, the median wage for women has dropped $733."
Wages actually have risen for women since Obama took office. 
Carly Fiorina
Fiorina says 'Obamacare isn't helping anyone'
Tens of millions of Americans have truly benefited from the ACA, in big ways (such as securing insurance for the first time) or smaller ways (paying less for drugs under Medicare Part D).
Barack Obama
Obama: "U.S. is largest donor of humanitarian assistance to displaced persons and refugees."
It is true. America gives more humanitarian aid than any other country, and it ranks first in supporting the UN’s lead agency in helping refugees.  Obama said, "It is who we are."
Donald Trump
Trump states President Barack Obama "wants to take in 250,000 (people) from Syria."
The administration has plans to increase refugees admitted from all countries from 70,000 in 2015 to 100,000 in 2017 but it will be nothing close to the 250,000 figure touted by Trump.
Donald Trump
Trump claims, with Obamacare, "You have no options .. you can't get competitive bidding."
That is true in about 10 percent of the counties where individuals buy their coverage on the government’s insurance exchange. In another 30 percent of counties, people have only two companies to choose between. But in 60 percent of the counties there are at least three insurance providers to compare.


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