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Article: President Obama's speech to 2014 National Prayer Breakfast

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Obama tells of his journey to embrace Christianity and that faith guides him daily. Religion strengthens America and religious freedom strengthens nations.

Article: Christian Business Owner's Guide For Purity

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For all Christian business owners who believe that the Bible is infallible and that we should not cherry-pick which laws to follow.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama religion conspiracy theories
According to Pew Research, 18% of Americans and 30% of Republicans still believe that Obama is Muslim.  The truth is he has never been Muslim, and is a practicing Christian. View Obama's address on the National Day Of Prayer. Read about Obama's private faith.
Religious Diversity
Have we gone too far in accommodating religion
This page has dozens of interesting articles about this issue- both sides of the controversy.  Read them and decide for yourself.
Divided Church
Is this the year Liberals take back religion from Conservatives?
This comprehensive editorial reviews a wide range of trends to explore this issue.
Chain email says President Obama canceled the National Day of Prayer. Circulated every year.
Observances of the National Day of Prayer took place throughout the U.S. and in the White House each year. In 2010 the Freedom from Religion Foundation filed a suit against the Obama Administration saying that the National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional. The Judge ruled in favor of the prayer observance. See Obama's address to this years observance.
Hermant Mehta
Hemant Mehta, a Chicago teacher says, "In Oregon, students are skipping math class to learn about the Bible."
An Oregon law passed in 1965 does let children out of school for from two to five hours of weekly religious instruction.  PolitiFact found that at least some of the students who miss classes for religious study are missing math class, with their parents’ permission.
Jewish Muslim Peace
Huffington Post reports on the Unlikely Friendship of Rabbi Marc Schneier and Imam Shamsi Ali.
These two coauthored a book, Sons of Abraham: A Candid Conversation About the Issues That Divide and Unite Jews and Muslims, in which they explain the theological commonalities between Muslims and Jews while breaking down common misconceptions which are "based on very old misunderstandings of each other’s religions."
Religion At Crossroad
One fifth of Americans now claim no church affiliation. Huffington Post reviews possible reasons.
The internet may be introducing more options for belief. Pew Research found that many think that religious organizations are too concerned with money, power, rules, and  politics.
Wacky Laws
Eleven Bizarre Church Laws That Could Send You To Jail
Hilarious church laws that are really on the books.  For example, whispering, burping, passing gas, or eating peanuts in church are really illegal in some American cities.  Prosecuting might be difficult.
Would Pope Agree?
Teachers Leave Archdiocese Of Cincinnati Over Controversial 'Morality Clause' In New Contract
New teaching contract prohibits teachers, whether Catholic or not, from having sex or living with a partner outside of marriage, using in-vitro fertilization, leading a gay “lifestyle,” or publicly supporting any of the above.  Teachers fight back with sign, "Would Francis sign?"
Rev Dr Cameron Partridge
First openly transgender priest to preach at Washington National Cathedral
Rev. Cameron Partridge will be the first openly transgender priest to preach at historic Washington National Cathedral. Rt Rev Gene Robinson, the first openly gay priest to be elected a bishop will preside at the service on June 22, 2014.
Progressive Christians
Progressive Christianity seeing stunning resurgence with groups like Nuns on a Bus, Sojourners, Red Letter Christians, The Cana Initiative, Moral Mondays, Faithful America, etc.
With each generation, the popularity of religious conservatism has declined. 47 percent of the Silent Generation (ages 66 to 88) are religious conservatives, compared with 34 percent of Baby Boomers, 23 percent of Gen Xers and 17 percent of Millennials.
Progressive Christians
How my father's gay marriage trial re-ignited my calling to the ministry
The gay son of Methodist pastor, Rev. Frank Schaefer, shared how the harmful language of the Church he loved and served as an adolescent had driven him into a deep depression and to the brink of suicide.  His father's trial and defrocking for performing his gay marriage has led to a deeper faith and to a call to the ministry.

Ted Cruz Tx
Ted Cruz was booed off platform at 'Defense of Christians' Gala.
The Defense of Christians was meant to be about unity of people of all nationalities and faiths coming together to support persecution of peoples of all faiths. Cruz' remarks to the audience, which included many Middle Eastern Christians, emphasized his devotion to the state of Israel.
Republican Policies Questioned
Republicans For Kansas Values are backing the Democratic candidate for governor because the Republican agenda has backfired in Kansas.
This organization, supported by an extensive list of notable Republican politicians and public servants, has posted an impressive statement called, Why Sam Brownback’s Policies are Taking Kansas in the Wrong Direction. They say these Republican policies have caused deficit spending, drastic cuts in education and highway spending, hurt job growth, benefited special interests at the expense of the people, and downgrades Kansas character and creates embarrassing headlines.
Pat Robertson 700 Club
Pat Robertson told his "700 Club, “These people (Gays and lesbians) are terrorists, they're radicals, and they're extremists.”
Robertson's anti-gay tirade October 22, came after gay Houston Mayor Annise Parker issued subpoenas to five prominent pastors who had opposed a new anti-discrimination law.  He said “No Christian ... would ever try to enforce somebody against their belief or else suffer jail." (Jail was never threatened.) While the subpoenas were inappropriate and were recalled, the anti discrimination laws are written to protect from people like Robertson. Jesus never discriminated against gays.
Anderson Cooper CNN News
Anderson Cooper puts Pat Robertson on 'RidicuList' over getting AIDS from towels remark.
Cooper said, “Just to be clear, if, like Pat Robertson, you somehow missed all the evidence, all the research, the depth and breath of all the knowledge garnered about HIV and AIDS over the past three decades: You cannot get HIV if you share towels.”
Russell Moore
After Ferguson and Eric Garner decision, white Christians are taking a stand
There is nothing that is clearer in the New Testament than the fact that the gospel breaks down the dividing walls that we have between one another.
Charles Angeletti
Professor makes students recite 'Anti-American' pledge of allegiance
Angeletti's strong political statement against Christian and University values by having students pledge allegiance to a racist, homophobic, sexist America that is in the name of Jesus, that hates Communists and women who want to get abortions.
Sylvia Allen AZ Senator R
Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen suggests mandatory church attendance.
On March 26, 2015 while discussing gun control, Allen said America would benefit from a law requiring citizens to go to church on Sundays, but she had no plan for accommodating people who worship on a different day or had different beliefs.  So much for Separation of Church And State!
Barack Obama
Five things President Obama wants to discuss with Pope Francis when the pontiff comes to DC.
1. Poor And Marginalized Populations; 2. Environmental Stewardship; 3. Religious Freedom; 4. Economic Opportunity; 5. and Immigration Reform.
The Indiana pizzeria that refused to serve gay weddings closed due to backlash, then received over $125,000 in donations.
After Indiana Governor Pence signed the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the pizzeria owner who said they would never cater a gay wedding went out of business due to the backlash.  But a go-fund-me account netted over $125,000 in donations in 17 hours.
Facebook has unveiled new rules to stop their users from creating posts related in any way to religion.
The article comes from the National Report, a satirical website. It is not factual and was never intended to be.
Barack Obama
Paul Horner "Does President Obama limit church to twice a month?"
President Obama could not have made any such announcement, as he has no authority to limit church services, and any attempt to do so would be an obvious violation of the First Amendment's protections of religious freedom. The referenced article was a just another hoax from the News Examiner, a fake news site started by Mr. Horner.
Cory Booker D-nj
Booker: Every day we see and hear lawmakers and people of 'faith' using the word of God to hurt others.
Don’t speak to me about your religion; first show it to me in how you treat other people.
Don't tell me how much you love your God; show me in how much you love all His children.
  Don't preach to me your passion for your faith; teach me through your compassion for your neighbors. In the end, I'm not as interested in what you have to tell or sell as in how you choose to live and give.
Josh Duggar
What the Church must learn from Josh Duggar about how to teach youth about sexuality.
It is likely that Josh Duggar's extreme brand of Christianity helped nurture his extreme sex addiction. Some common conservative lessons that may be damaging include: Once you cross the line, you are ruined; Men were hardwired to objectify women; All sex outside of marriage is equally bad (ex. rape and teen lovers); Your worth is irrevocable- instead of teaching that God loves always. 
Pope Francis
The Vatican said that Pope Francis' meeting with Kim Davis "should not be considered a form of support of her position."
Francis met with "several dozen" people at the Vatican's embassy and such meetings are due to the pope's "kindness and availability."  Many believe that Kim Davis was a trap for the Pope, who had no prior knowledge of the controversy.  This is a reported script of the contact where she repeatedly talked over the Pope.
Income Inequity
Income inequality is a religious test. We must reclaim the Heart of our Humanity.
Jim Wallis, who spoke to the Parliament of the World's Religions said, if you believe that every human being regardless of religion or nationality, is made in the image of God, is a child of God, and if you believe in loving your neighbor then income inequality is a spiritual issue, a moral issue, and a religious test of our belief.  We can address inequality through human dignity, stewardship, and the common good.
Prayer Request
We ask every reader to take time to lift all the Paris victims and their families up in Prayer.
Don't forget to pray for the misguided members of ISIS who think that God likes the murder of innocents.  They do not represent Muslim teachings. Mohamed was a man of peace.  May they understand the true meaning of their faith.
Susie Meister, Religious Scholar
Religion scholar tells how studying religion made her a Liberal.
Susie Meister who has a PhD in Religious Studies and campaigned for George W. Bush tells about a shift in her understanding of Scripture after she examined it for herself. Non-judgmental Jesus, who defended a prostitute and ate with the poor didn't look anything like the politics of the Right.


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