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Article: Pope Francis is too liberal for Conservatives

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Jon Steward challenged Fox news to a lie-off, pitting their lies against his.

Article: What You Can Do To Help Throw Out Washington Money Changers

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A Challenge to Christians Who Believe That The Message Of Jesus Is About  Grace, Love, Integrity, and Peace for ALL.
Democratic Party
Could GOP bill targeting abortion require IRS "rape audits"?
The GOP-controlled House did approve, then later remove a bill, that would require rape victims who claimed a medical expense deduction for an abortion, to explain the deduction to the IRS only if her return were audited for some other reason, and only if medical expense deductions came into question.
Nat. Republican Congressional Committee says Obamacare includes a "$700 billion cut from Medicare for seniors".
The numbers are right, but the intent is false. There is reduction in spending to Medicare outlays, but it’s fueled by finding savings in the program, a move that Republicans actually supported in the Ryan budget. Medicare spending still increases in the coming years.
BEWARE: National Republican Congressional Campaign using fake Democrat websites to steal Democratic contributions.
DO WE WANT LIERS AND CHEATS RUNNING OUR GOVERNMENT? At least 15 websites that appear to be official campaign sites for Democratic candidates, are actually the handiwork of the National Republican Congressional Committee in order to steal Democratic donations. A CNN segment called out this scam.
Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz claims the single biggest lie in politics is that Republicans are the party of the rich. But is it really the truth?
The data show wealthy Americans are not universally Republican, though they tend to lean and vote that way. Cruz never really explains why he believes this is the “biggest lie.” Instead, he attacks President Obama for presiding over an increase in income inequality and says that the president’s policies, such as the health-care law, have negatively affected “young people, Hispanics, African Americans, single moms.
Mitt Romney
No single “major country has greater respect and admiration for America today than it did five years ago when Barack Obama became president.”
Although America’s stature worldwide slipped last year, its favorability was still much higher than during the last year of the George W. Bush administration, including in major countries such as France, Germany and Japan, according to the latest polls from the Pew Research Center.
Charles Koch
Says he has engaged in the political process "only in the past decade."
Charles Koch personally gave more than $50,000 to candidates and political committees donations prior to 2004. And collectively, his brother and the PAC of the company they own directly supported candidates and political committees to the tune of $7 million over the same period.  He has also spent mega-dollars on "educational" and lobbying efforts.
Rush Limbaugh
Wisconsin is "one of the bluest" states, but under Scott Walker its unemployment rate "is around 3.5%."
Wrong on both points. Wisconsin has voted for the Democratic nominee in the last seven presidential contests, but it is a frequent battleground state and far from being an automatic in the Democratic column. State Government is Republican, but mixed. Unemployment dropped to near 6 percent, under Walker.
Marc Thiessen former GOP speechwriter
Says "Barack Obama has gone from blaming George W. Bush to plagiarizing George W. Bush."
Thiessen himself says he didn’t mean that Obama copied Bush; rather, that Obama took the theme of opportunity from Bush. Even if Obama did emphasize a theme Republicans identify with, that in no way matches the popular, or legal, understanding of plagiarism. 'Opportunity" is neither Republican or Democrat.
Charles Koch
Are ads from Koch brothers-supported group accurate?
Americans for Prosperity, the political organization founded by the Koch brothers, has never received higher than a Half True on any of the 13 ads reviewed by the PolitiFact national team. Four were false; five were mostly false; and two were rated pants-on-fire.  That averages to a composite score of between false and mostly false.
Freedom Partners
Freedom Partners, a Koch brothers group, placed ads accusing Rep. Bruce Braley of giving 'special favors' to insurers by voting for Obamacare
It’s ridiculous to suggest that donors who contributed less than 1 percent of his warchest weighed more heavily on his vote than his ideology, his past campaign promises and his partisan affiliation. 
Dick Morris Fox News
A North Carolina study proves that "probably over a million people voted twice in (the 2012) election."
The head of North Carolina’s board of elections said more investigation is needed to see if people voted in two states.  In other states all but a few questionable voters were found to be due to database quirks, human error and the statistics of large numbers.
Louie Gohmert R TX
"Eighty percent of Wall Street executives and their spouses' donations go to Democrats."
The exact opposite pattern has held for Wall Street donations during the past three election cycles. In addition, Gohmert overstated his source's percentages and ignored the difference between donations to Democratic presidential candidates and congressional candidates.
Americans For Prosperity
Washington Post debunks Americans for Prosperity ads criticizing Obamacare.
Americans for Prosperity, the limited-government group sponsored by the Koch brothers has spent $35 million attacking Democrats over the Affordable Care Act, but their new expensive ads are false.
Tim Huelskamp R Kansas
"Obamacare has boosted the number of uninsured."
In at least two instances Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp simply invented his claim that “numbers” exist showing that “there are more people uninsured today in Kansas” since the health-care law was implemented.
Matt Drudge Conservative Talk Show
Drudge Report says embattled "Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald "Sterling is a Democrat."
County records show that he is a registered Republican and has been for many years. His donations to Democrats took place two decades ago and were modest even by the standards of that time.
Fact-checking Benghazi: The rhetoric hasn't matched up with reality
PolitiFact checked eleven popular quotes regarding the oft-investigated Benghazi tragedy.  Two were rated Pants-on-fire; three were False; five were mostly false, one was half-true; and none were true or partly true.  Millions of dollars are spent to support unfounded claims for political gain.
Democratic Party
Virginia Democratic Party says Virginia House Republicans are sacrificing $5 million a day in U.S. funds by refusing to expand Medicaid.
As many as 400,000 Virginians could become eligible for Medicaid under Obamacare, and the U.S. would pay their entire health care costs through 2016.   But the $5 million-a-day figure comes from an old state estimate. Updated data shows loss of $3.5 million a day for the 2014 budget year, and about $4.5 million a day during the following budget year.
Madison Action Fund
Conservative group says Idaho Republican Rep. Mike Simpson is a "liberal" who voted with Nancy Pelosi to "fund sex study programs of San Francisco prostitutes" and "to regulate the sale of firearms."
The research was to find ways to control spread of HIV. The ad misleads by cherry pickking a handful of out-of-date votes to create the impression that Simpson and Pelosi are in ideological lockstep. Suggesting any substantial alliance between Simpson and Pelosi is ridiculous.
David Brat GOP FL
PolitiFact looks back at fact-checks from Eric Cantor's primary loss.
False statements on both sides played a part in the shocking loss by popular GOP House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor.  Of particular concern was efforts to demonize any bipartisan effort toward immigration reform.
Bill Cassidy LA GOP
"Only after news broke that our veterans are dying because of inadequate health care did Harry Reid and Senate Democrats take action."
Republicans are the ones who blocked an expansive veterans’ bill that included funding for the same 27 new clinics that Cassidy and the House passed last December.
Bob Goodlatte GOP Rep Va
The "9-0 decision last week was the 13th time the Supreme Court voted 9-0 that the president had exceeded his constitutional authority."
Most of the 13 cases cited originated under and were first litigated by the Bush administration, and many had nothing to do with presidential authority.
Sean Spincer Gop Communications Dir
GOP spokesman says Supreme Court unanimously ruled against Barack Obama's executive orders 13 times.
This lie was debunked previously.  Most of the litigation actually came in response to actions under the Bush administration. The court wasn't even ruling on challenges to Obama’s executive orders.  (Such lies are a disgrace. Repeating them is worse.)
Sen Joe Leibham Wi
Republican Senator says Common Core is a federal mandate and should be repealed.
Common Core, a set of academic standards for math and English developed by education and non-profit groups, are designed to better prepare students from all states for college and careers. They are not mandatory but states who adopt them may be able qualify for state education funding.
Rick Perry Gov Tx
The United States is at "historic record highs" of individuals being apprehended on the border from countries with terrorist ties such as "Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria."
Data does not show and upward trend in apprehensions of individuals from those areas. Even if it did, many apprehensions of people from these areas happen at airports rather than land borders.  Perry's is trying to justify his expensive surge at the border, but needs to use facts and truth.
Nancy Pelosi House Minority Leader
"The House of Representatives has never sued a sitting president in all of U.S. history."
This is correct, however there have been at least 14 suits over the past four decades filed by individual lawmakers or groups of lawmakers.
Barack Obama
How does the deficit and spending compare in Bush and Obama administrations?
Charts from Budget of the United States Government: Historical Tables Fiscal Year 2015 show spending by Bush increased 88%, while spending increased only 3.78% under Obama.  Deficit increased to $1.4 trillion under Bush.  Under Obama deficits have been reduced by about half to $.6 trillion.  We have gone from losing around 850,000 jobs a month under Bush, to gaining over 200,000 jobs a month under Obama.
How has the size of the Obama government compare to that of recent Republican administrations?
Presidents Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II all dealt with recessions by growing the government and increasing local and government jobs.  But under Obama federal, state, and local government has declined by more than half a million workers in the last three years.
Women Don't Think The GOP Cares About Them, Internal Report Confirms
Although Republicans have tried to improve outreach to female voters, women still believe the party is "stuck in the past" and "intolerant." This study was commissioned by two conservative groups.
Tom DeLay GOP TX
The prosecutor who brought the indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry "has ties to Obama. He has ties to the Democrats."
News reports and McCrum’s political record show he is not expressly partisan, having contributing a few hundred dollars to a few people on both sides of the aisle.
Republican Policies Questioned
Republicans For Kansas Values are backing the Democratic candidate for governor because the Republican agenda has backfired in Kansas.
This organization, supported by an extensive list of notable Republican politicians and public servants, has posted an impressive statement called, Why Sam Brownback’s Policies are Taking Kansas in the Wrong Direction. They say these Republican policies have caused deficit spending, drastic cuts in education and highway spending, hurt job growth, benefited special interests at the expense of the people, and downgrades Kansas character and creates embarrassing headlines.
Ted Cruz Rep Tx
"Obama, instead of nominating a health professional, he nominated someone who is an anti-gun activist (for surgeon general)."
Obama's November 2013 nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has an MD from Yale, teaches at Harvard medical school, and has a long list of impressive medical credentials, but Senate Republicans blocked his confirmation because of alleged anti-gun leanings. 
Says the 1956 Republican Party platform supported equal pay, the minimum wage, asylum for refugees, protections for unions and more.
What a difference 58 years makes!  The Republican Party is not the same Grand Old Party! Some of the issues have changed considerably since 1956, such as the shift from focusing on post-war refugees to focusing on illegal immigration.
Gerrymandering congressional districts
Crimes Against Geography- America’s most gerrymandered congressional districts
The point of gerrymandering is to give your opponents a small number of safe seats, while drawing yourself a larger number of seats that are not quite as safe. This practice of denying true representation is at least partly to blame for the lopsided Republican representation in the House.
Ted Cruz Rep Tx
Republicans shut down Ted Cruz
Though Cruz insists he does not want a government shutdown, some of his Senate colleagues say that’s where his plan would end up.
Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y.
Peter King says there are 'No Elements of Racism' in Eric Garner case. He said this wouldn't have happened if he were not obese, diabetic and asthmatic.
Garner may not have died if he had not been obese, but most agree that it is unlikely this would not have happened to a white man. Rep. King only wishes race was not involved.
Peter King R-ny
Peter King says Senate CIA report found detainees were not killed, did not suffer 'lasting injuries'.
King minimized what the report said.   Someone did die, an eye was lost, detainees were made to stand on broken limbs and deprived of sleep for 180 hours.  One detainee suffered chronic hemorrhoids and anal fissure due to rectal feeding.  All likely suffer with PTSD.
Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio says Castros, not embargo, reason Cubans don't have Internet
The U.S. sanctions have played a role in limited availability of technology. However, Rubio is right that the Cuban government has nearly complete control over the Internet.
Greg Abbott Tx Gop
"My wife is going to be the first Hispanic first lady in the history of Texas."
Cecilia Abbott, with Hispanic roots through her mother and grandmother, will be the first Hispanic first lady since statehood. Other Hispanic women were first ladies only before Texas was a state.
Rudy Giuliani Ny R
Giuliani: Says President Barack Obama has said "that everybody should hate the police."
The truth is Obama has continuously encouraged working with police to find solutions and has also repeatedly emphasized the importance of law enforcement and the fact that police officers have a dangerous job.
Chain Email
New tax increases that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2015, "all passed under the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare."
The email is flat-out wrong when it blames Democrats, and Obamacare for the increases. The bulk of the tax hikes stem from a different bill entirely -- one that received support from a large majority of Senate Republicans and a significant minority of House Republicans.
Democratic Party
The DNC said that "Bush not only opposes marriage equality, he’s said he ‘personally’ believes gay couples should be banned from adopting children."
While in office, Bush repeatedly said that he opposed gay marriage, although he was reluctant at times to amend the state Constitution since it was already banned in state law. He also opposed gay adults adopting children. Since leaving office, Bush said that he supports "traditional marriage,".
"Newly Elected Republican Senators Sign Pledge to Eliminate Food Stamp Program in 2015."
But they failed to do due diligence and were snookered, since the story came from a publication that bills itself (quietly) as a "satirical, parody website."
Newt Gingrich
Says President Barack Obama got "a pass" over controversial remarks by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, while a 12-year-old speech by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise has blown up into a national story.
The truth is less than a week after the ABC News broadcast reported the Wright-Obama connection in 2008, the story littered print and TV media. Meanwhile, a poll found that 85 percent of Americans had at least some knowledge of the matter.
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
Says President Barack Obama has "not proposed one thing that would change" the fact that Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.
In fact, Obama has on multiple occasions proposed changing the tax code so that it complies with the "Buffett rule," which attempts to ensure that high-income people pay a certain percentage of their income in taxes that is at least higher than what middle-class people pay.
The CIA paid two psychologists $81 million "to develop and run their torture program."
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report confirms the amount of money was spent on  a variety of things between 2005 and 2009, and other news organizations revealed the actual names of the two men, but additional information is needed.
Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton as President would be a 'Death Blow' to the American people.
Statements were made in an interview with Katie Couric for Yahoo News, saying Clinton's policies are "20th century relics." It was not clear what issues he considered relics. He opposes gay marriage, addressing climate change, many women's issues.
Randy Weber R-tx
Republican Congressman known for making bombastic statements, compares Obama to Hitler.
"Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn't do it for right reasons," Weber said in a tweet, referring to Germany's occupation of Paris in 1940.  White house says that presidential aides were caught off guard by the march’s massive size and attention, and there was no time to schedule security.
Bernie Sanders Vt Senate
Bernie Sanders introduced an amendment to the Keystone XL pipeline bill that forces Republicans to state their views on climate change.
His amendment says that: (1) climate change is real; (2) is caused by human activities; (3) has already caused devastating problems in the US and world; (4) must be resolved quickly or our entire planet suffer irreparable harm; and (5) it is imperative that the US make the transition to sustainable energy as rapidly as possible.
Joni Ernst Sen R-iowa
PolitiFact combed through every line of the State of the Union rebuttal by Senator Joni Ernst.
The rebuttal includes many fact and many points that had been debunked many times over.  Read the entire speech and see, point by point, which statements were true or not.
Barbara Comstock R-10th
"Did you know under President Obama family health care premiums have increased $4,154 on the average?"
First, the number is dubious. Comstock uses Kaiser’s 2008 survey as the base year for Obama. That means she’s blaming Obama for some premiums that went into effect a year or more before he was inaugurated.
Stuart Varney, Fox News
"It will cost $50,000 per enrollee in Obamacare over the next 10 years."
This seems to come directly from an article in the Daily Mail. It’s most glaring defect is that it compares a 10-year cumulative total to a single-year snapshot of the number of people who gained insurance.
John Kasich, R-OH
"You cannot build a little guy up by tearing a big guy down -- Abraham Lincoln said it."
It’s well-established that this is not a Lincoln quote. Its real author was a politically conservative minister and public speaker who was born several years after Lincoln’s assassination.
Ted Cruz Tx
"92 million Americans aren't working."
Once you strip out senior citizens and school-age Americans, the number is less than half that.
John Boehner
'Ask The Senate Democrats When They're Going To Get Off Their Ass.'
The House passed a $30 billion funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security, but added unrelated amendments to limit Obama's executive actions on immigration. Republicans have conceded that the bill can not pass in the Senate, yet they are willing to hold up Security funding in order to thwart immigration reform--then blame Democrats.
Marco Rubio
ISIS is "now the predominant Islamist group in Benghazi."
In reality besides some activity in pockets across the country, ISIS holds sway in Derna, but not so much in Benghazi.
Rudy Giuliani Ny R
Says President Barack Obama said "that American exceptionalism is no more exceptional than the exceptionalism of any other country."
The truth is Obama repeatedly praised American exceptionalism and what it has offered the world, Obama also said, "I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism."
Texas Democratic Party
Rick Perry failed to "partner with the Legislature to find a Texas solution to closing the insurance coverage gap."
It’s safe to say around a million Texas adults fall into the coverage gap for making too little money to qualify for insurance subsidies and also remaining ineligible for Medicaid unless Texas expands access as encouraged by the Obamacare law and rejected by Perry and the state’s ruling Republicans.
Dr Ben Carson R
"A lot of people who go into prison straight, and when they come out they’re gay."
There is no research that supports this point. The one study that even begins to address the topic has too small a sample size -- and too many variables -- to shed light on Carson's claim.  Additionally, experts told us the sex culture in prison is not comparable to sex culture outside of prison, making it a bad analogy.
Dan Patrick, R-TX
Texas this fiscal year will "have more money in reserve than the other 49 states combined."
On our inquiry, Patrick acknowledged this was a misstatement. Indeed, what he celebrated turned out to be incorrect and ridiculous.
Marco Rubio
"There are at least three sectors of the border, one in particular, that are just completely insecure."
Politifact doesn't know how Rubio came up with three sectors, and neither did experts. The Rio Grande in south Texas, is one sector of late with a troubling amount of activity. However, the number of people attempting to cross the border is down considerably everywhere else.
Lou Dobbs Fox Pundit
Because of President Barack Obama’s failure to "push job creation," the black unemployment rate in Ferguson, Mo., is three times higher than the white unemployment rate.
First and foremost, Dobbs’ numbers are off. The most recent and best available statistics say the black unemployment rate is 1.9 times higher than the white unemployment rate in Ferguson (16 percent to 8.5 percent). Second, that has little to do with Obama.
Brian Kilmeade Fox News
Says Colorado food stamp recipients can use ATMs to get cash to buy marijuana.
The technology behind government electronic benefit cards blocks that. While the card could have cash value from another program such as TANF, no ATM would dispense cash based on a person’s food stamp allowance.
Dana Perino Fox News
On climate change, "the temperature readings have been fabricated, and it's all blowing up in their (scientists') faces."
The allegations raised by skeptics like the author of The Telegraph the source of Perino, have had no effect on the consensus that the Earth has seen an increase in temperatures over the past 100 years.This claim has been debunked before. To continue to repeat it, moves this into realm of the ridiculous.
Todd Starnes Conservative Radio
Liberals have figured out a Facebook algorithm and "all the people getting banned from Facebook are somehow conservatives."
Politifact could not find a tally of conservative versus liberal complaints about troubles with Facebook. As for the algorithm, Facebook says there isn’t one. Users report violations and staff at Facebook review those reports.
Rick Perry
"Thomas Paine wrote that ‘the duty of a patriot is to protect his country from his government.’"
Perry offers no proof or citation of where Paine wrote that phrase. Two of Paine scholars tell us the quote didn’t originate with the founding father and that the saying doesn’t appear in any of Paine’s writings.
Megyn Kelly Fox News
Fox News says racist or offensive emails are "normal" in businesses in America.
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was outraged that Fox News normalized discrimination in Ferguson's police department and municipal court. She reviewed the outrageous racist emails circulated among Ferguson officers on the job, then showed clips of Fox News' Megyn Kelly saying such offensive emails were common.
Lindsey Graham R Sc
"As president I would deploy the military against Congress."
What Lindsey Graham is proposing to physically force members of Congress to stay until they vote how he commands. MSN News says his plan violates constitutional separation of powers in just about the most extreme way imaginable, by forcing the executive branch's will on the legislature.
Rudy Giuliani Ny R
Giuliani says, Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Should Be 'Commended' For Shooting Michael Brown.
Giuliani attacks the Justice Department's scathing report of racial bias within the Ferguson Police Department, claiming that there was little evidence to prove racism within the department. On the contrary, most people can see plenty of evidence in the report.
Existing Image/Name
Ayatollah Khamenei slams Republican letter on Iran. Says U.S. known for 'backstabbing.'
The letter from Republican senators and the speech by Israeli Prime Minister contributed to the Ayatollah's belief that the US cannot be trusted.  
George P. Bush
A "majority of our students are trapped in" underperforming schools.
Bush relied on another official’s speculation about how well schools might meet disputed federal standards that don’t apply to Texas this year anyway.
Ted Cruz Tx
"Here, we have Thanksgiving, we have Christmas, we have the 4th of July. Every year in Iran, they celebrate Death to America day."
Every year, demonstrations in Tehran mark the Nov. 4 anniversary of students taking over the U.S. embassy in 1979 and taking hostages. In fact, it’s not a holiday on the calendar at all nor is it formally designated Death to America Day.
Tom Cotton Ak Gop House
Says that "Susan Rice, the president's national security adviser, has already conceded that Iran will have a robust uranium enrichment capability."
Cotton essentially puts words in Rice’s mouth when he says she "conceded" that Iran will keep a "robust" enrichment capability. She didn’t use those words in the AIPAC speech.
Rush Limbaugh
Says "Ted Kennedy sent a letter to then Soviet leader Yuri Andropov apologizing for Ronald Reagan and begging the Soviets not to overreact."
There is no evidence there ever was a letter from Kennedy. Limbaugh’s statement rests on a 1983 KGB memo that said there was a verbal overture from a friend of Kennedy's to meet with Andropov. 
Florida Students for Concealed Carry
"According to the state of Florida, you are almost twice as likely to be attacked by an alligator than by someone who happens to carry a conceal-and-carry permit."
Politifact doesn't have data on attacks committed by people with conceal-and-carry permits. The gun data is based on an approximation using permit revocations that may or may not accurately reflect the number of "attacks." Also, the data is 10 years old. 
Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz says science does not back up global warming. He sites satellite data for the last 17 years claiming there has been zero warming."
Cruz cherry-picks a timeframe that starts at an extremely warm year and ignores that the first decade of the 21st century -- even as it’s been stable -- has been the warmest on record. While scientists don’t deny that there’s been a recent "pause" in warming, they expect it to be a temporary trend.
Glenn Beck
"A few weeks ago Obama took Hamas and Iran OFF the terror list."
Beck made a few clear mistakes here. First, it appears he mistook Hamas for Hezbollah. Second, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah remain on the official, and legally binding, State Department terror lists, as they have for decades.
Rand Paul
Says according to recent polls, no Republican candidate "is doing better against Hillary Clinton than myself."
The truth is the big picture shows that any Republican candidate matched up against Clinton getting approximately 40 percent of the votes. 
Ted Cruz Tx
Of 46 Cruz statements rated by PolitiFact- 31 were rated as 'Mostly False', 'False', or 'Pants-on-Fire'.
Because it is so important that elected officials govern with true facts, and because we need to be able to trust our elected officials, we will highlight the overall record of some prominent politicians. Over 65% of Cruz statements were rated untrue. Only 17% of Cruz's 31 statements were true of mostly true. 
Mitt Romney
Says Hillary Clinton "erased all of her emails even though they were subject to recall and review by Congress."
Romney got it wrong when he spoke of all of her emails. 30,000 emails were turned over to the State Department. Clinton did respond to congressional subpoenas, and there is no proof she destroyed evidence subject to a congressional investigation.
Rick Perry
Rick Perry said he “never raised taxes” in his 14 years as governor of the state.
That’s not the case. During his tenure, he increased taxes on businesses, cigarettes, fireworks, diesel equipment and insurance.
"American families work hard to earn $4,250 a month. Obama is spending $18,972 a month on each illegal immigrant child."
The numbers cited by the meme are framed in a misleading way. The sum of money cited has been allotted to a small fraction of all undocumented immigrant children in the United States, and it isn’t going into their pockets as family earnings are.
Tim Cook
"Legislation being considered in Texas to strip the salaries and pensions of clerks who issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples."
Cook fairly summarized Bell’s legislation. But clarification was missing in that the proposal wasn’t "being considered" by lawmakers either then or when Politifact completed their review a couple of weeks later.
David Hamilton Koch
The Republican race has devolved into a battle among headstrong billionaires, each with a pet candidate.
Campaigns are still discovering how they can exploit the freedom from regulation that the Supreme Court has granted since its Citizens United decision in 2010. NY Times suggests that Instead of debates among the candidates, let's go straight to the top — and ask for debates among their billionaire donors instead.
Marco Rubio
"I can tell you with certainty (cap and trade) would have a devastating impact on our economy."
Existing cap-and-trade programs have not proven to be "devastating" in their economic impact. While estimates for proposed programs vary, most experts and analysts have found modest potential  impact on the economy; some even show a positive impact.
Marco Rubio
Presidential candidate Rubio states that the United States "is not modernizing its nuclear weapons."
While the United States has reduced the number of warheads, it has also been modernizing nuclear equipment and has plans to continue to do so.
Jeb Bush Fl
"Only one person has been fired" at the Veterans Administration for withholding services.
Data reviewed by Politifact through May 14 showed that 18 permanent employees have been fired for patient scheduling, record manipulation, appointment delays, and/or patient deaths.
Ted Cruz Tx
"Every year we spend and waste roughly $500 billion on tax compliance. That is roughly the budget of our entire military."
Military spending exceeded $800 billion not counting spending on conflicts abroad and other items not in the military’s nearly $500 billion base budget.  Americans spend between $107 billion in 2005 to $153 billion to prepare and file tax returns according to GAO estimation.
Sarah Silverman
Says Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has stated that supporting the "right to health care ... means you believe in slavery."
Silverman forwarded a social media meme shortened with Paul’s comments to fit the available space. The meme has been abridged from the full quote, but PolitiFact saw no significant change in his meaning and also found no evidence that Paul had backtracked on the views he expressed.
Jeb Bush Fl
"ISIS didn't exist when my brother was president. Al-Qaida in Iraq was wiped out when my brother was president."
A group called ISIS didn’t exist while Bush was president, but the roots of the organization were indeed present and operating under a different banner. As far as claiming al-Qaida was "wiped out," most experts consider that a stretch. The group’s power certainly diminished under Bush but it wasn’t wiped out.
Marco Rubio
"For the first time in 35 years, we have more businesses dying than we do starting."
While this statement is true, the downturn actually happened during the recession in 2008. 
Ann Coulter
Coulter states "America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico's entire population."
Coulter, a conservative social and political commentator, based this statement on a study that counted all people of Mexican origin in the US. But Coulter ignored that 65 percent of those were born in America and about a third came from families in which both parents were born in America.  America couldn’t "take them in" because most have been here for generations.
Ted Cruz Tx
Did Senator Ted Cruz call President Obama the "N" word as reported on a widely disseminated tape on the internet?
No, Cruz did not say this. A fake audio recording has been circulating online that purports to have captured Senator Ted Cruz referring to President Obama with the racial slur commonly known as the 'N-word'.
Rick Santorum
Santorum criticizes Pope Francis’ letter on climate change, saying, "Leave the science to the scientist."
Santorum, an Attorney not a scientist, does not agree with scientific data on global warming. He has repeatedly told religious leaders to shy away from matters of science and focus more on the church’s principles.  Pope Francis on the other hand, does have a degree in Chemistry, giving him a significant scientific background.
Ted Cruz Tx
Ted Cruz Jokes About Joe Biden, As Biden Grieves For His Son
Cruz made a crass and poorly timed joke about Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday, days after Biden's son Beau died from brain cancer. "Vice President Joe Biden. You know the nice thing? You don't need a punch line," Cruz said.
Rick Perry
Perry says "the U.S., Canada, and Mexico have more energy resources than Russia and Saudi Arabia."
North America does have a large supply of petroleum, natural gas and coal. But combining the three fuel sources together is like comparing fossil fuel-based apples and oranges. Just comparing straight numbers, Perry was right about coal, but wrong on natural gas and crude oil.
Hillary Clinton
Democrats wage a national fight over gerrymandering and restrictive voting rules.
Democrats allied with Hillary Rodham Clinton are mounting a nationwide legal battle seeking to single out voting laws in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin that limit participation, especially among minorities, the poor and younger voters, who disproportionately cast their ballots for Democrats.
Hillary Clinton
Clinton says "You can vote in Texas with a concealed-weapon permit, but a valid student ID isn’t good enough?"
Rick Perry, the state’s governor into 2015, signed a law that a federal court said was actually written with the purpose of discriminating against minority voters.
Ted Cruz Tx
The Supreme Court’s views "are radically out of step with public opinion" regarding its decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide.
Most polls found by PolitiFact say around 60 percent favor same-sex marriage -- a high point. At the state level, the majority holds in most cases.
Hillary Clinton
Says Jeb Bush "doesn't believe in a path to citizenship. If he did at one time, he no longer does."
At times, Bush has supported a path to citizenship, and at other times he hasn’t. He has said he might support a path to citizenship if it could make it through the political process.
Bernie Sanders Vt Senate
"We have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on Earth."
Studies show that while the United States does consistently have one of the highest rates of childhood poverty in the world, there are several OECD members with higher rates, notably Israel and Mexico.
Donald Trump
"The Mexican government forces many bad people into our country."
There is no evidence of any Mexican policy that pushes people out of Mexico and into the United States. As it has been the case for decades, a combination of economic and family factors accounts for most of the migration from Mexico to the United States.
Lindsey Graham R Sc
Republican presidential candidate unloads on Fox News during Fox News interview.
Presidential candidate and Sen. Lindsey Graham is furious about Fox News' rules for the first GOP primary debate. Graham said Fox's poll-driven process is "destroying" the opportunity for all of the scrappy, underfunded candidates to win over voters in the small, early primary states. 
Donald Trump
"The $5 billion website for Obamacare … never worked. Still doesn't work."
Trump overstates the amount of money spent to create and fix, and his claim that the website isn’t working -- and never did -- is debunked by the fact that millions of Americans have signed up for insurance through the site.
Jeb Bush Fl
Jeb Bush says a law passed under Bill Clinton banned guns at military recruiting offices
The Department of Defense issued a directive, not a law, in 1992-when Bush’s father was president. It did not ban firearms outright; it limited them to military personnel who held certain jobs, such as positions in law enforcement. The Army issued a regulation implementing that directive in 1993 -- two months after Clinton was in office.
Donald Trump
After 'not a war hero' remark, Donald Trump says John McCain has 'done nothing' for veterans
In fact, within the past two years, McCain has sponsored and helped enact several major provisions to help veterans. He also devotes a significant portion of his office staff for veterans  casework.
Scott Walker
Walker said, If women seeking an abortion see their ultrasound, "the odds are pretty high they're going to keep the baby."
The latest academic study shows that nearly all women proceed with an abortion even after seeing the ultrasound.
Jim Wright Ex-speaker
New voter ID laws in Texas restrict minorities and elderly, even the former speaker of the US House.
Ninety year-old ex-speaker of the US House, Jim Wright, no longer drives, and his faculty ID card from TCU, where he teaches, so he doesn't meet requirements to vote without a special affidavit. Even Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Sen. Wendy Davis had to get an affidavit in order to vote under the new laws.
Rick Perry
"I deployed the Texas National Guard" to the Texas-Mexico border. "And the policy worked; apprehensions at the border declined 74 percent."
To be specific, Border Patrol apprehensions in the targeted part of the border region declined more than 70 percent through the second half of 2014. Unproven, however, is why that happened--and Perry’s statement crediting the Texas deployment ignored potentially substantive factors such as the Border Patrol staffing up and Mexico cracking down
Donald Trump
The five Guantanamo detainees swapped for Bowe Bergdahl "are right now back on the battlefield."
The Taliban Five are known to be in Qatar, where they have been since their release over a year ago. Qatar is considered neutral ground -- not a battlefield -- and they are not allowed to leave the country.
Donald Trump
The number of illegal immigrants in the United States is "30 million, it could be 34 million."
The Department of Homeland Security says the number of illegal immigrants was about 11.4 million as of January 2012. Other independent groups that research illegal immigration put the number between 11 and 12 million. PolitiFact found no compelling evidence that the number could be as high as Trump said.
Marco Rubio
"Forty percent of people in this country, illegally, are overstaying visas."
This widely cited statistic is an estimate based on research that has roots going back to the 1990s. But because federal agencies haven’t provided new data, there’s little for analysts to use to provide an updated figure.
Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz says states not directly involved in the gay marriage lawsuits that reached the Supreme Court "are not bound" by the court’s ruling.
Other courts would be bound by the Supreme Court’s precedent, making the ruling applicable throughout the nation.
Hillary Clinton
"The stock market does better when you have a Democratic president in the White House."
The numbers back Clinton up, but it’s worth noting that luck, timing and several other factors in the broader economy also play a role in determining stock market performance.
Marco Rubio
Rubio said that “over 40 percent of small and mid-size banks … have been wiped out” since the Dodd-Frank law was passed.
Actually, the total number of commercial banks has gone down only 16 percent, continuing a longtime trend.  Dodd-Frank provides consumer protections, an end to bail-outs, a counsel to assess risk in advance, transparency and accountability in banking, shareholder input in bank executive compensation, protection for shareholders, and better oversight.
Marco Rubio
Rubio said he had never advocated exceptions for rape or incest to abortion bans.
 In 2013, he co-sponsored the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which was meant to prohibit abortions of unborn children more than 20 weeks into a pregnancy. It  would have allowed exceptions in rape or incest or if the life of the mother was threatened. He refused to say if he would let a woman die rather than abort.
Donald Trump
Trump says he is "unbeholden to political correctness" when asked about his disparaging remarks about women.
GOP Debate moderator Megan Kelly pointed out that Trump has a history of sexist remarks on twitter and in public.  He referred to women as “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.”  He then took a jab at Kelly, and denied remembering many of the comments.
Ben Carson GOP Candidate
GOP Candidate, and neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, got most Google hits on these points in the debate.
"There is no such thing as a politically correct war."  "The skin doesn't make someone who they are."
Ted Cruz Tx
During the GOP debate, when Ted Cruz said, "I will always tell the truth," it got most hits on Google. has checked 45 of Cruz' statements and determined that 35 have been Mostly False, False, or Pants-on-Fire.
Lindsey Graham R Sc
The big loser in the GOP debate: Our warming planet.
Lindsey Graham is the only GOP candidate who regularly says that climate change is actually happening and humans are causing it, and he was attacked for it during the GOP debate.  Other than that attack, global warming was not mentioned.
Quiz: How much do you know about the GOP candidates and religion?
All seventeen GOP candidates are Christian, and all say they have had unique experiences with God and religion. Take the quiz and see how much you now about their religious beliefs.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump is drawing fire from all corners of GOP after more caustic, sexist remarks.
Following the GOP debate where Trump jabbed at Megan Kelly, Trump told CNN,"You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever."  He was promptly dumped from a keynote speaking role at a major Conservative rally.  Trump's response is more insulting on twitter
John Kasich R-oh
Presidential hopeful, Kasich says that real conservatism is watching out for the poor and disadvantaged, and that is good for the economy.
Kasich defended Ohio's Medicaid expansion by saying, when skeptics arrive in heaven, "Saint Peter isn’t going to ask them how small they’ve kept government, but what they have done for the poor." He quotes Matthew 25.  Healthy people are employable, and Medicaid money helps, rehabilitate prisoners and drug users, which saves money.  Ohio's budget has a surplus and he has cut taxes.
Ben Carson Gop Candidate
The number of people who "believe in socialism ... is increasing."
There has been sparse polling over the years about what the public thinks of socialism. However, there are suggestions in the polling data that younger Americans are more open to the idea of socialism, which they equate with European social programs and Nordic-style social democracies. 
Ben Carson Gop Candidate
Says "56 percent of (the U.S.-Mexico) border is not under our control."
U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a 2011 report that 873 miles of the U.S. Mexico border was under "operational control." The other 1,120 miles, or about 56 percent, fell under two classifications "not acceptable for border security." That doesn’t mean there is an utter lack of control, but that the agency’s ability to detect or respond (or both) to crossings was hampered by a lack of resources or infrastructure.
Jeb Bush Fl
"The federal government right now does not deport criminals."
Bush points to reports that many criminal illegal immigrants have been released, and there is evidence that it sometimes happens. But it is an exaggeration to say that none are deported. Last year, ICE deported about 86,000 illegal immigrants convicted of previous crimes.
Donald Trump
Trump said, "We have 93 million people out of work. They look for jobs, they give up, and all of a sudden, statistically, they're considered employed."
Once you strip out full-time students, senior citizens, the disabled, and those who have chosen not to work to take care of their children, a more reasonable estimate of "out of work" Americans is somewhere in the neighborhood of 21 million, or less than a quarter of Trump’s figure. Meanwhile, he is flat wrong that the government reclassifies discouraged workers as "employed."
Eric Bolling
Fox News’ The Five, Eric Bolling says "In countries where there are higher, more strict gun laws, there is more gun violence."
The data found by PolitiFact shows that among countries more like America economically, nations with stricter regulation have much lower rates of gun-related homicides.
Rick Santorum
Santorum says that IPCC climate change study says that 57% of scientists don't agree that "CO2 is the knob that’s turning the climate."
The IPCC actually said it is "extremely likely" (meaning a 95 percent confidence level) that humans are causing climate change; and it is "very likely" (meaning a 90 percent confidence level) that greenhouses gases are the driver. And scientists overwhelmingly agree.
Rick Santorum
Santorum claims that the head of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has debunked the claim that 97% of scientists believe humans have caused climate change.
Santorum's claim is wrong on several fronts. (1) Richard Tol, the actual head of the IPCC, is an adviser to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, and supports the 97% claim. The critic Santorum speaks of is just an economist who has collaborated with global-warming doubters and has since left the IPCC. (2) At least three surveys support the 97% claim.
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin used the Iran Deal rally as an opportunity to refer to #BlackLivesMatter activists as “the dogs.”
The Black Lives Matter movement has been protesting police brutality and calling for criminal justice reform. Remarks like Palin's are exactly what creates the rage in the first place. Her bigotry  dehumanizes people across the country  and gives Christians a black eye.
Greg Abbott Tx Gop
"After Texas defunded Planned Parenthood, both the unintended pregnancy and abortion rates dropped."
Abortions were already declining. So, half this claim draws on cherry-picked statistics from Abbott and the other half lacks factual backup
Donald Trump
Says Mexico doesn't have birthright citizenship, and Americans are the "only ones" to have it.
Anyone born on Mexican soil is considered Mexican by nationality, regardless of whether their parents are Mexican. No one in Mexico is considered a "citizen" by the country’s Constitution until he or she turns 18. The United States and Mexico are joined by more than 30 countries around the world, predominantly in the Americas, that offer birthright citizenship.
Donald Trump
Among Syrian refugees, "there aren't that many women, there aren't that many children."
Trump's assessment of the refugee situation is badly mangled and is conflating two different sets of refugees: Those 534,000 reaching Europe by sea, who are mostly men, and the 4 million Syrians in U.N. refugee camps, most of whom are women and children.
Tom Cole, R-Okla
"There’s no money" for Planned Parenthood in the bill that would keep the government open.
Cole is correct that the short-term funding bill that Congress is slated to pass does not itself fund Planned Parenthood -- largely because this bill addresses discretionary spending, while the vast majority of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding comes from mandatory spending through the Medicaid program.
Scott Walker
Obamacare doesn’t require members of Congress "to abide by the same rules that all of the other Americans do."
Health care reforms established a marketplace for small businesses to sponsor health care coverage for their employees. Members of Congress get healthcare with government like other large companies, but their staff can use the exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act just like their constituents would.
Carly Fiorina
Fiorina said Planned Parenthood "is an organization that funnels millions of dollars in political contributions to pro-abortion candidates."
Planned Parenthood itself does not fund candidates, but affiliates who usually have "Planned Parenthood" in their name have legally spent "millions" to support women's health issues.
Ben Carson Gop Candidate
Birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger "believed that people like me should be eliminated."
While Sanger indeed supported the eugenics movement, substantial evidence shows that she was not racist and in fact worked closely with black leaders and health care professionals.
Dan Patrick R-tx
Patrick says Planned Parenthood does nothing but profit from killing babies and then selling body parts
Planned Parenthood’s most common pregnancy services in 2013 were pregnancy tests (1.1 million services); HIV tests (704,000 services); emergency contraception kits (1.4 million services) and Pap tests (378,692 services). No federal money has paid for any abortion services, and there’s been no confirmation it sells body parts for profit.
Carly Fiorina
Fiorina said "92 percent of the jobs lost during Barack Obama’s first term belonged to women."
PolitiFact has found that the number of women with jobs increased by 416,000 during Obama’s first term.
Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz says "Under Barack Obama and the big government economy, the median wage for women has dropped $733."
Wages actually have risen for women since Obama took office. 
Ben Carson Gop Candidate
In the GOP debate Carson denied a ten year relationship with company who paid $7Million for deceptive claims.
Mannatech paid $7 million to settle a deceptive marketing lawsuit in Texas based on their claims that their products could cure autism, cancer, etc. the problem is not that Carson boldly endorsed the company, since he sincerely believed it it.  The problem is that he boldly lied about his involvement without blinking. Full Video of Ben Carson endorsing Mannatech.

Ben Carson Gop Candidate
Even after video proof shows that he lied about his 10 year involvement with a corrupt company, Carson blames opponents rather than admit.
National Review called him out on "bald-faced lies" about his relationship with supplement company, Mannatech, but rather than explain the videos of his commercial endorsement of the company, Carson just blames his rivals.
Ben Carson Gop Candidate
West Point refutes Carson's claim that he was offered a "full scholarship."
West Point officials confirmed that there is no record that Carson ever applied there, and that all tuition is covered for all cadets anyway.  The claim was made by Carson in his book, "Gifted Hands." After Politico broke this story, and a lot of maneuvering,Carson finally admitted that this claim that he has repeated is not true. 
Carly Fiorina
Fiorina says 'Obamacare isn't helping anyone'
Tens of millions of Americans have truly benefited from the ACA, in big ways (such as securing insurance for the first time) or smaller ways (paying less for drugs under Medicare Part D).
Chris Christie
Christie said the Democrats plan "to raise your tax rates to 70 or 80 percent."
None of the three Democrats running have proposed raising taxes except of the very rich, and there is no reasonable evidence that they would.  Hillary says she wants to raise taxes on only those making over $250,00 per year.
Ben Carson Gop Candidate
Carson says that Medicaid Fraud is half a trillion dollars.
The total spending for Medicare and Medicaid is only $980 billion last year.  He says health care fraud should be prosecuted to the fullest, but asked for lenience for his best friend and business partner Alfonso Costa, a dentist in the Pittsburgh area who had pleaded guilty to federal charges.
Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz says the "Democratic Party is getting smaller and smaller and smaller."
Democrats have lost a significant number of seats and federal and state offices throughout the Obama administration. The party as a whole, however, is stable or has grown both in terms of the electorate and its party organizations.
Marco Rubio
Rubio says Ted Cruz "is a supporter of legalizing people that are in this country illegally" and "proposed giving them work permits."
PolitiFact found no sign of Cruz proposing to give work permits to immigrants living here without legal permission and no record of Cruz explicitly saying he favored giving such residents legal status.
Donald Trump
Trump says Obama administration is pushing refugees toward states with governors who are "Republicans, not to the Democrats."
The numbers found by PolitiFact show that Democratic-led states recently received almost as many refugees as -- and by some calculations, even more refugees than -- Republican-led states on a per capita basis.
Sen. Roy Blunt
Sen. Roy Blunt says "The world food demand is going to double sometime between now and 2070."
Population and diet change alone will cause a 69 percent increase in calorie demand by 2050, researchers say. Globally, income and urbanization has been growing rapidly for the past five decades, and with that comes increased demand for food and a change in diets.

Ted Cruz Tx
Cruz : "Here’s the simple and undeniable fact: The overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats."
Cruz misquoted a study of voting registration of all felons (not just violent felons) after being released from prison in three states. It does not address their political choice when committing the crime.  Less than half registered to vote after release, and most of those were Democrats.
Donald Trump
Trump states President Barack Obama "wants to take in 250,000 (people) from Syria."
The administration has plans to increase refugees admitted from all countries from 70,000 in 2015 to 100,000 in 2017 but it will be nothing close to the 250,000 figure touted by Trump.
Donald Trump
Candidate Honesty Report Card: Donald Trump- Mostly False
As of 2/1/16 PolitiFact has evaluated 86 of Donald Trump's statements. Of them only six were rated as true or partly true (14%).  Fifty nine statements were considered false or mostly false (68%), and seventeen were rated pants on fire (19%).
Marco Rubio
Candidate Honesty Report Card:Marco Rubio. Half true
As of 2/1/16 PolitiFact evaluated 127 statements by Marco Rubio. Of these 37 percent were determined to be true of mostly true.  Twenty two percent were half true. Thirty seven percent were mostly false or false, and three percent were Pants-on-Fire.
Existing Image/Name
Candidate Honesty Report Card: Jeb Bush- average score is between mostly true and half true.
As of 2/1/16, PolitiFact evaluated Seventy five statements by Jeb Bush.  Forty-seven percent were found to be true or mostly true.  Twenty two percent were half-true. Twenty-eight percent were mostly false or false, and two percent were pants-on-fire. View specific statements.
Donald Trump
June Trump Truthfulness average is "Mostly False."
As of June 10, 2016, PolitiFact has reviewed 154 statements by Donald Trump. Twelve (12) were true or mostly true. Forty nine (49) were 1/2 True of Mostly-False.  And Ninety three (93) were False or Pants-on-Fire. Below are just a few:
Donald Trump
Trump said "Elizabeth Warren lied when she says I want to abolish the Federal Minimum Wage."
To be honest, Trump's comments are so all over the map.  In the Debate in November 2015, Trump said wages are "too high" and he wouldn't raise the minimum. On May 8, 2016, edition of NBC’s Meet the Press, He rambled about leaving it up to the states. On MSNBC in August 2015, Trump said, "Having a low minimum wage is not a bad thing for this country." But when opponents quote him he calls them lairs.
Donald Trump
On May 4, 2016, Trump told NBC News that Germany "is crime-riddled right now" because of migration to Europe.
There are more criminal acts in Germany these days because there are more people, thanks to the influx of 1.1 million refugees in 2015 alone. But the data suggest that the refugees tend to be better-behaved than the typical German.
Donald Trump
Trump claims, "There’s a tremendous tax that we pay when we (American businesses) go into China, whereas when China sells to us there’s no tax."
China has a basic Value Added Tax of 17 percent, while the United States has none. However, the VAT applies to most goods sold in China, regardless of whether they were made in China or any other country. China’s tariffs are higher than those imposed by the United States, but the Chinese exporters do face a tax when they sell in this country.
Donald Trump
Trump says, "We’re spending tremendous amounts of money to educate our kids. In the world, we're No. 1 per pupil by a factor of four."
There is good evidence to support his overall idea, that the United States gets less bang for its education buck than other developed countries. But Trump overstated U.S. spending by 500 percent. We’re not No. 1 in spending, by several different ways of measuring.
Donald Trump
Trump said, regarding the Iraq War, "I was the one that said, ‘Don’t go, don’t do it, you’re going to destabilize the Middle East.’ "
Trump made this claim in the Feb. 6, 2016, New Hampshire GOP debate, but in fact he never spoke out against the war until a year after the invasion. Trump now says, "We should bomb the oil", even if it hurts the atmosphere, and "take the oil".
Donald Trump
Trump says 25 percent of U.S. Muslims "agreed that violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as a part of the global jihad."
Trump is referring to a highly questionable poll conducted by the Center for Security Policy. Experts question the methodology and the dubiously large percentages of respondents who said they were unaware of ISIS or al-Qaida. Even an official with the Center for Security Policy cautioned against generalizing the poll results to the entire Muslim-American community.
Hillary Clinton Presidential Candidate
Hillary claims that "Donald Trump says climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese."
Trump has repeatedly called climate change a "hoax" in speeches, tweets and media appearances, and while he hasn’t necessarily repeated the charge that China "invented" climate change, he has said as recently as Jan. 18, 2016, that action on climate change "is done for the benefit of China."
Donald Trump
Trump says it "is Hillary Clinton's agenda" to "release the violent criminals from jail. She wants them all released."
Clinton supports easing how the criminal justice system treats nonviolent offenders. Trumps claim is pure fabrication.
Donald Trump
Trump claims, "There are places in America that are among the most dangerous in the world." The crime numbers are "worse in places like Oakland or Ferguson"." Seriously."
With threats around the world like war, terrorism, kidnappings, and other violence, U.S. cities are nowhere near the most dangerous in the world. Four American cities — though not Oakland or Ferguson — have some of the highest murder rates in the world. However, with vast differences in reporting, experts told us homicide rates alone are not enough to gauge whether a city is dangerous or not.
Hillary Clinton Presidential Candidate
Hillary said, "We now do have evidence" that Donald Trump is being used as a recruiting tool for terrorists.
That wasn't the case the first time Clinton claimed this. But now two different terror groups have used Trump's words in propaganda videos.  In one case jihadist propaganda, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. urges American Muslims to leave the United States and join ISIS.
Jennifer Schilling Dem Ws
Under Donald Trump's tax plan, the wealthiest 0.1 percent would get more tax relief than the bottom 60 percent of taxpayers combined."
Reports from respected nonpartisan research groups calculate that the 0.1 percent -- those making more than $3.7 million per year -- would receive 18 percent of the tax cuts under Trump’s proposal. The bottom 60 percent of taxpayers, meanwhile, would enjoy only 16.4 percent of the cuts.
Donald Trump
Trump says that Hillary Clinton "wants to abolish the Second Amendment."
 She has repeatedly said she wants to protect the right to bear arms while enacting measures to prevent gun violence.  There is no evidence she wants to abolish the Second Amendment,
Donald Trump
Trump says, "You have to be a citizen to vote," but with same-day voter registration, "you have places where people just walk in and vote."
Some states do have same-day voter registration, but people have to provide the same level of identification as when registering in advance. Experts told us there is no additional risk of non-citizens casting ballots in states with same-day voter registration, nor is there any evidence that this occurs.
Donald Trump
Trump repeatedly says,"We're the highest taxed nation in the world."
The United States is 31st among Industrialized nations in tax revenue as percentage of GDP (26.0%).  We are 17th regarding Corporate tax revenue (2.6%). and we are 19th as percentage of GDP Tax revenue per capita ($14,204).
Donald Trump
Trump says that the 2016 federal omnibus spending bill "funds illegal immigrants coming in and through your border, right through Phoenix."
In fact this bill actually funds the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the very agency tasked with keeping undocumented immigrants out.
Donald Trump
Trump says 4.9% unemployment numbers are phony and that the real numbers are "probably 28, 29, as high as 35. In fact, I even heard recently 42 percent."
No matter how you calculate unemployment rates, Trumps numbers are totally fabricated.
Donald Trump
A Trump television ad shows Mexicans swarming over "our southern border."
The footage used to support this outrageous point actually shows African migrants streaming over a border fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla, more than 5,000 miles away.
Donald Trump
Trump claims crime statistics show blacks kill 81 percent of white homicide victims.
A day after a black activist was kicked and punched by voters at a Donald Trump rally in Alabama, Trump tweeted an image packed with racially loaded with fictitious murder statistics.  The stats show that 82% of whites are killed by other whites -Not 16% as Trump stated; and 15% of whites are killed by blacks- not the 82% Trump fabricated.
Donald Trump
Trump brags about generous donations, but apparently fails to follow through.
The Washington Post found that of the 167 charities to which Trump had pledged money since 2008, only one donation was actually on the books -- for less than $10,000.
In May 2016, under pressure from the news media, Trump made good on a pledge he made to veterans, four months earlier:  For 15 years Trump has publicly pledged to donate through his various enterprises: “The Apprentice.” Trump Vodka. Trump University. Etc.If he had honored all those pledges, his gifts to charity would have topped $8.5 million. He set up a foundation to funnel donations, but hasn't donated to it since 2009.


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