Topic: Small Business

Ted Cruz Tx
Ted Cruz says small business are going out of business 'in record numbers.'
Data for the most recent year, 2012, shows business closures at about what they were in 2005. The percentage of firms that closed was quite high in 2009, but it wasn’t the highest point, and more recently, it is in line with historical figures.
Barack Obama
Wages are finally growing faster than health insurance costs.
Obama credits the Affordable Care Act for relief for employers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that over a 12-month period wages grew faster than health care costs for the first time since 1998.
Ben Carson Gop Candidate
Carson said, "Last year, there were an additional 81,000 pages of government regulations. If you stack that up, it would be a three-story building."
He refers to the number of pages that were published in the Federal Register, a daily journal of the U.S. government that contains agency rules, proposed rules and public notices, but only about 31 percent of Register pages contain final rules. These rules might help save lives, keep banks from failing, or airplanes from crashing. 1/28/16


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